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Virtual Instruments & AppDynamics

AIOps powered full-stack Integration with AppDynamics

Leaders in information technology need to develop strategies to provide the business with an agile infrastructure to advance key business initiatives, enable global reach, and vastly improve customer experience.  These strategies require a new approach to application service assurance – one that embraces both traditional App-to-compute to storage monitoring, and the emerging trends in edge computing, AI/ML and the adoption of multi-cloud deployment models.

By placing the application at the center of their IT strategy, enterprises will be able to better anticipate their customers’ needs, proactively reduce or eliminate unplanned outages and slowdowns, leading to a more satisfied and loyal customer experience.

Our App-centric, real-time monitoring and AIOps solution knows where applications live within the IT stack, understands their relative business value, and utilizes powerful AI-driven analytics combined with cross-domain correlation to automatically balance infrastructure resources and ensure application SLAs. 

VirtualWisdom product support for AppDynamics


Infrastructure Storage Integration Network Integration Server Integration Hardware based Probes
VMware vSAN
Dell EMC ScaleIO/ VxFlex OS
Cisco SAN
Cisco STS 32G-FC (SCSI/NVMe-oF)
Brocade SAN
OS Integration
Microsoft Hyper-V
FC Performance Probe
NAS/iSCSI/Performance Probe
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Value added by VirtualWisdom

VirtualWisdom will pull health-rule violations from AppDynamics so VirtualWisdom can correlate business impacting events with issues in underlying shared infrastructure.

Areas where VirtualWisdom adds unique value:

  • Auto-discover and Maps your Applications and Infrastructure
  • Delivers high Fidelity Monitoring at Scale
  • Delivers automatic Cross-Domain Correlation
  • Proactive Role Based Dashboards
  • Helps manage Service Levels in a Dynamic Environment
  • Continuously Rebalances Your Infrastructure
  • Predicts Capacity Exhaustion
  • Automates Root Cause Investigations
  • Eliminates Alarm Noise

“As the leading SaaS platform for Property Management, Realpage has to ensure we are providing our clients the best user experience possible, while continuing to innovate. We have to work together across traditional IT silos, from applications to infrastructure. The integration of AppDynamics and Virtual Instruments gives us a shared source of truth, a combined approach that enables us to be proactive and even predictive in delivering both application and infrastructure performance, ensuring we are delivering the optimal client experience and not caught reacting to unforeseen issues.”

~ Peter Argumaniz, Realpage VP of IT.

About AppDynamics

AppDynamics (now part of Cisco) is an application performance management and IT operations analytics company based in San Francisco. The company focuses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center.