Application Performance

Application Management

Business critical IT application infrastructures are becoming increasingly shared and multi-tenant, often supporting hundreds of applications, which continue to increase in complexity and scale. There’s a continual state of change to meet business requirements while delivering flawless application performance. Many enterprises turn to Application Performance Management (APM) solutions.

Application Performance Monitoring

APM solutions focus on behavior and performance of the application, its internal code structure components, and its supporting runtime environments and components of the operating system on the servers that applications are deployed on. They usually capture the web user experience of an application or service. APMs measure internal code call or method response times, errors and load, and other aspects such as page requests, response time, database SQL query times, and queue depths. Through application performance monitoring and analysis, APMs measure response times of the queue managers, database components, gateways, and utilization of physical, virtual and web-application servers. APMs tell a customer if the application is working well and if not, leads them to the problem causality if the problem is in the code or runtime environment.

Even so, application performance issues occur, in part because the supporting IT infrastructure must deliver hyper-responsive infrastructure performance to ensure application SLAs. The best application performance monitoring solutions contain both APM and Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (IPM) components. In a perfect world, there’s a link between the APM and IPM systems. We call it App-centric IPM.

Application Performance

App-centric IPM solutions record hundreds of metrics in real -time, correlate time-relevant events from the application to the storage, and point to potential problems and optimization opportunities through advanced analytics. IPM solutions quickly tell an IT manager if the infrastructure is working well, and if not, leads them to the problem cause(s).

To prevent and fix application performance issues, best practice is to deploy both APM and App-centric IPM solutions.

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