2018 Sales Kick-Off Recap: Building Success From The Ground Up

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

2018 sales kickoff bar chartRecently, the Virtual Instruments team came together for what is arguably the most important sales meeting of the year – our 2018 Sales Kick-Off (SKO). As anyone working for an organization with a robust sales team can relate, SKOs play an important role in how we structure our sales team and make selling decisions over the next 12 months. This year, our SKO was attended by not only our expert sales, services and marketing teams, but also by some of our biggest partners and customers.

Back in October we announced a game-changing partnership with Cisco that allows us to dramatically simplify and lower the cost of storage network performance monitoring. During our SKO, we officially signed our agreement with Cisco and we couldn’t be more excited to work closely with the worldwide IT and networking leader in 2018 and beyond. Here’s what Storage Switzerland analyst George Crump had to say about our partnership with Cisco:

“Enterprises understand the critical importance of real-time monitoring of their virtualized infrastructures, but the cost of achieving such visibility has made it prohibitive for many organizations to instrument broadly. With the new Virtual Instruments/Cisco technology integration, a much wider range of enterprises are now able to easily and cost-effectively implement comprehensive SAN infrastructure performance monitoring. Meanwhile, Cisco will provide its customers with a robust and highly differentiated SAN monitoring and analytics platform.” 

We’ve discussed in previous blogs how important our customers are to us and how much we value their input on all aspects of our business, from our products and services to our overall company strategy. Key Virtual Instruments customers presented at this year’s SKO, including a vice president from one of the world’s leading SaaS providers, and the head of infrastructure and engineering at one of the nation’s largest mobile operators. Both executives spoke on a customer panel during the meeting and offered valuable insight on the needs of enterprises and what’s top of mind for key decision makers. It was especially interesting to see the shift in focus as conversations related to enterprise infrastructure moved beyond pure storage to encompass their holistic IT infrastructure. We thank both customers for taking the time to join the meeting and look forward to working with them as we continue to improve our product offerings.

As with any SKO meeting, we made several internal announcements that directly support our employees. Over the last year, we’ve increased our technical training cadence and our implementing a new set of tools to make it easier to service our customers, resulting in a fully coordinated global sales team. We also announced our first country manager in Australia, a quickly growing region of business for Virtual Instruments. As you may recall, back in October we announced a reseller partnership with PlexNet, an Australian-based specialist in networking, application, infrastructure and security testing and analysis.

Overall, this year’s SKO was a resounding success and allows us to start the year from strong footing. Armed with insights from our leading customers and backed by integral technology and reseller partners, Virtual Instruments’ executive and sales teams are ready to take on 2018.

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