April news and events: Virtual Instruments announcements and industry cloud news

By Raj Patel, Senior Director, Corporate and Field Marketing –

April saw Virtual Instruments unveil new partnerships and highlight our work with customers and partners with key appearances at major storage industry events. Here are some of our April highlights, along with some additional perspectives on industry trends.

What’s happening at Virtual Instruments:

Barry Cooks, our head of engineering, speaks at SNIA Data Storage Innovation Conference

Barry Cooks, who leads our product and engineering development, spoke at the SNIA Data Storage Innovation Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., on April 8. Cooks’ chief focus was the myth that all metrics in performance monitoring “are created equal.” As an infrastructure performance management (IPM) company, we understand which insights are valuable for our customers. Frequently, metrics are given too much credence when they’re easy to develop. Moreover, IPM and other solutions have made it easier for companies to find real, actionable data related to their IT performance.

VI, Kunjani Solutions partner to guarantee availability for users

Kunjani, a South African IT solutions provider, and VI announced a partnership aimed at providing Kunjani’s clients IPM. Allowing companies to guarantee availability to clients, employees and other end users is a chief goal of Virtual Instruments. Now, Kunjani can deliver accurate infrastructure monitoring and management to its users on top of its premium IT solutions.

R&M turns to Virtual Instruments to improve infrastructure management

R&M, a Swiss develop and provider of connectivity systems, and Virtual Instruments have partnered to deliver a Total Network Visibility Solution to R&M clients. The integration of the companies’ solutions will offer customers the ability to monitor entire infrastructures in real time. Accurate monitoring tools are critical for organizations to maximize uptime and identify factors that may prolong latency.

News from the tech industry:

Organizing tech profiles for a fresh start this spring

With data expanding every day and more people accessing critical workloads, it’s increasingly important for IT staff and administrators to ensure infrastructures perform optimally. This pieces identifies five steps IT workers can take to ensure that applications are functioning properly.

The future influence of SDN and SDS on clouds

Software-defined networking and storage are helping IT professionals find a medium between control and the primary benefits of life in the cloud. Both SNS and SDS help companies save money and scale as needed. Additionally, IT administrators can still control their virtual data centers in a way not often associated with cloud storage.

80 percent of companies using or plan to use industry cloud

Companies are flocking to industry clouds, which offer users all the benefits of outsourced services but are developed with their vertical’s specific needs in mind. Education, healthcare and finance, for example, can work with cloud architects and vendors that understand the typical problems and uses of their industry.

Cloud adoption to triple in use over three years

Hybrid cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular, as companies of all sizes seek flexible solutions that still offer some semblance of control. In the next three years, hybrid cloud reliance is expected to triple. Companies said they want to make their IT processes more efficient without taking on additional costs.

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