Case study: Insight turns to VirtualWisdom to Reduce Business Risk and Improve Cross-silo Collaboration

By Raj Patel, Sr Director of Marketing

Our customers are truly innovative and outcome-focused—advancing their companies and respective industries forward every day. Today, we wanted to share a particularly compelling story about our customer Insight, and how we worked together to help them gain an authoritative understanding of their infrastructure performance with VirtualWisdom.

Insight is a Fortune 500 technology company focused on business-to-business and IT capabilities for mid-market, public sector and enterprise organizations. With offices in 200 locations around the globe, you can see how communication could be difficult.

When you think of improving communication and teamwork, however, the first word out of your mouth isn’t usually “reporting,” right? At Insight, the team used to rely on reports from their storage, switching, server and virtualization vendors to piece together a view of their infrastructure performance. This method rendered an incomplete view because they only focused on how their individual devices and domains were performing. They ignored things like resource contention, hung processes and all the other things that can affect a large IT organization – from the virtual machine to the storage array.

As Greg Arnerich, a senior data center engineer, put it, he’d get calls from the database, host and application teams complaining that their storage systems were slow, but “95 percent of the time, the actual cause of the problem wasn’t the storage system.”

Due to the lack of accurate, detailed reporting, IT teams couldn’t really tell what the problem was, and certainly couldn’t get together to work on a solution.

“We’ve fixed a lot of issues with the VirtualWisdom analytics,” Greg Arnerich said. “Whoever thought communication would be one of them?”

Enter VirtualWisdom and our SAN Performance, Network Switch and Virtual Server probes. Now, the different teams collaborate with confidence with daily reports that show the overall health, utilization and performance of their end-to-end IT infrastructure. These reports reflect a point of view and information that is contextually relevant and actionable for each team. Making use of the highly accurate, granular data from VirtualWisdom, the reports and analytics reveal issues in the overall IT environment that help them confidently diagnose and prevent emergent issues, and expertly troubleshoot problems. The result is a highly collaborative team focused on performance, agility, innovation and risk mitigation.

“It’s no longer finger pointing or mean-time-to-innocence,” Greg Arnerich explained. “We’re actually able to correct and identify the problems with data.”

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