Closing the Door on The IT War Room: Introducing VirtualWisdom 6.0

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

IT war roomToday’s enterprises are increasingly evolving to a hybrid data center model to utilize cost-effective and flexible compute and storage via the cloud, while retaining the control and security provided by on-premises infrastructure. However, the reality is that these highly virtualized, multi-cloud environments are amazingly complex and incredibly difficult to ensure application service delivery. Out of control infrastructure leads to outages and slowdowns, which in turn leads to the formation of the dreaded IT war room. So, how can enterprises overcome this huge challenge?

This week at NetApp Insight, we introduced the latest version of VirtualWisdom, the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid infrastructure management and AIOps platform. VirtualWisdom 6.0 provides end-to-end visibility across an organization’s IT infrastructure, helping enterprises in financial services, healthcare, retail, telco and other industries ensure the performance of their mission-critical applications and services. The platform also brings a merciful end to the costly, unproductive and often highly contentious “IT war rooms”.

War rooms are a symptom of a much bigger problem within the IT organization. Siloed monitoring tools lack a common context and have no inherent understanding of the business impact of the applications.  Teams within each IT silo can’t identify and resolve the problem on their own, which leads to finger-pointing. The fragmented tools in production use today can’t provide end-to-end visibility across IT infrastructure and applications. That’s where VirtualWisdom comes in.

VirtualWisdom 6.0 holistically monitors, analyzes and optimizes the health, utilization, capacity and performance of IT infrastructure within the context of the application. The platform discovers and maps applications to the infrastructure to understand where each application lives and how it behaves on top of the infrastructure, in addition to discerning the business value and SLA tier of each application. Once this end-to-end visibility is established, VirtualWisdom then applies real-time, AI-based analytics that include machine learning, statistical analysis, heuristics and expert systems, allowing enterprises to ensure the performance and availability of the mission-critical applications across their highly complex hybrid data centers.

TMCnet executive editor Paula Bernier’s article in Transforming Network Infrastructure highlights the value that VirtualWisdom offers customers, providing “cross-functional visibility that every team can use to understand the health of the infrastructure,” in addition to custom integrations with Dell EMC VMAX/PowerMax, IBM SVC, AppDynamics and Dynatrace, among many others. Bernier goes on to note, “This kind of tool is important for cloud service providers, financial firms, health care entities, insurance companies, tier 1 telcos, and others that need to make sure things are performing as required.”

Here’s what one of our marquee healthcare customers had to say about the new VirtualWisdom:

“As the complexity of our data center continued to grow exponentially, we faced the risk of becoming reactive to infrastructure and application issues – rather than proactively addressing them. With the new VirtualWisdom and its AIOps capabilities, we will gain full visibility into the performance, capacity, health and utilization of our mission-critical applications and the underlying infrastructure. As a result, we will be able to take a proactive approach to assuring the availability and performance of our critical apps and services.” – Jon Phillips, Enterprise Storage and SAN Team Manager, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)

VirtualWisdom 6.0 delivers four key capabilities: Application Service Assurance; Predictive Capacity Management; Workload Infrastructure Balancing; and Problem Resolution and Avoidance. These complementary capabilities enable organizations to proactively identify and resolve infrastructure issues that impact business-critical applications, which removes the need for costly reactive firefighting that is the hallmark of traditional IT war rooms.

CIO dashboardWe expect you’ll hear a lot more from us about the breakthrough new version of VirtualWisdom, but we think that Bob Laliberte, Practice Director & Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, may have put it best: “The new generation of the VirtualWisdom hybrid infrastructure management platform will help IT management avoid the war room with a unique, comprehensive and real-time approach to proactive monitoring and AIOps that spans the on-premise data center to both private and public clouds.”

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