Complacency is the biggest roadblock to optimized IT performance

By Raj Patel, Sr. Director of Corporate and Field Marketing

For many IT performance problems, there are no simple solutions. Infrastructures are complex and perpetually evolving, with myriad applications pulling data from every corner of connected systems. Such complexity begets problems that are not so easy to identify or resolve. It’s not just that complexity slows progress, however. Standing in the way of solving many of the issues we all face every day is complacency. IT infrastructures and demands of enterprise IT are ever-changing. As such, the old ways of managing through change and transformation are less and less applicable. It’s time to focus on the new solutions that are out there — the ones that help companies get out of their own way, and truly transform.

For very good reasons, IT decision-makers maintain loyalties to their vendors, and don’t often look outside of their established vendor base for answers to problems. The paradox is that companies must continue to innovate in order to stay competitive, which often requires not listening to the status quo. Innovators must develop relationships with new technology vendors and solution providers whose sole focus is on disruption through innovation.

For leading IT decision-makers, maintaining a balanced awareness of and engagement with the right mix of vendors is yielding substantial impact to business agility, competitive advantage and revenue. As such, collaborative IT teams are establishing protocols and integrating platforms that are purpose-built to enable and evolve with their systems, and ensure successful outcomes.

The solution needed to successfully manage today’s (and tomorrow’s) perpetually complex enterprise IT infrastructure is available now. There will always be challenges and obstacles to attaining what’s needed. But nothing should ever prevent you from identifying solutions that help you and your teams make authoritative, data-informed decisions for driving the greatest performance at the optimal cost and lowest risk.

Throughout the enterprise, we’ve seen that comprehensive data analytics inform everything from optimizing healthcare data centers to building successful baseball teams. Analytics-driven approaches to managing IT infrastructure performance are delivering incredible results. And the benefits and gains are too significant to let complacency prevent change from happening.

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