Finding the Cure for vMotion Sickness at Tech Field Day Extra

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

The last three weeks have been absolutely action-packed for Virtual Instruments in the best way possible. In that short period, we acquired SaaS-based cloud cost, optimization and monitoring service provider Metricly; we announced the latest version of VirtualWisdom, the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform; and we exhibited at one of the world’s biggest and most influential tech conferences, VMworld.

You might say that all that activity was enough to give someone motion sickness, which was on our minds during VMworld last week. Why? Our SVP of Products, Tim Van Ash and our Technical Marketing Manager, Andrew Sebastian, had the honor of presenting at the Tech Field Day Extra event, leading a session titled “Three Cures for vMotion Sickness.”

Virtual Instruments Company Introduction from Gestalt IT on Vimeo.

If you’re unfamiliar, Tech Field Day events consist of lively discussions between IT product vendors and independent thought leaders on the latest technologies and trends in the IT industry. Amidst today’s increasingly splintering media landscape, these events are extremely valuable for all involved – because as Tech Field Day highlights on its site, “independent bloggers, speakers, freelance writers, and podcasters have a public presence that has immense influence on the ways that products and companies are perceived by IT practitioners.” We couldn’t agree more!

As the title suggests, Tim’s session focused on vMotion sickness – the phenomenon of virtual machines moving continuously because the available data doesn’t provide sufficient insight into the underlying IT infrastructure. It’s an issue that plagues most enterprises, and it’s a delicate one – because as Tim noted during his presentation, “we’re a fan of vMotion, just not the relentless moving of VMs.” And this relentless movement causes a highly undesirable domino effect across the entire infrastructure, which results in enterprises poorly allocating their invaluable application resources.

Tim’s session sparked a spirited discussion amongst the attendees, including IT systems architect Adam Post, vExpert and system administrator Becky Elliott, vExpert and IT architect Brandon Graves, solutions architect Josh Fidel, and systems administrator Al Rasheed, to name a few. And Vallum Software’s CEO, Lance Edelman, noted on Twitter: “The prize goes to the vendor that can bring together monitoring of on-premise together with cloud and multi-cloud. Organizations aretired of multiple solutions to monitor their infrastructure.” We wholeheartedly agree, and that’s precisely one of the reasons we made the recent acquisition of Metricly.

Tim closed the session by handing the reins to Andrew Sebastian to walk attendees through a demo of our latest version of VirtualWisdom. We IT professionals love our demos and this was definitely one of the session’s highlights, with Al Rasheed tweeting, “[Virtual Instruments’] dashboard with the various visualizations and topology views provide the customer with improved analytics and reporting.”

Check out the session replay here, and stop by our events page for a sneak peek at where you can find the Virtual Instruments team next – including Austin, TX on Sept. 15 for Pure Accelerate! To learn more about our recent announcements, including the latest version of VirtualWisdom, check out our newsroom here, and to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in all things Virtual Instruments, be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.