Geeking out at WWT Geek Day

Don Mead

It was an exciting week at the WWT Geek Day in San Francisco last week. Along with some great technical breakout sessions all the geeks got a chance to play with some really cool hardware and get their hands on some interactive demos. I had a little downtime and got a chance to get up close and personal with a Vblock thanks to my new friends at EMC and VCE. They were also very happy to hear that VI’s VirtualWisdom platform was certified with Vblock.

I had some great conversations with all that stopped by to experience the VI demo. Many of the conversations were driven around de-risking and strategic optimization of infrastructures. One end-user in particular made a comment that I really liked, “You mean now I can actually have an environment that behaves the way I need it too, without having to buy anything new or over buy technology.” He got it.

The WWT geeks were all over us and we were very busy booking appointments right on the spot for many of their customers. I promise we will follow-up with all of you!

Our VI TiVo got a few chuckles. Sometimes we compare the VirtualWisdom feature of being able to record and playback infrastructure performance to a TiVo. So as a joke we retrofitted an old TiVo box with VI’s Tap technology. It was a great conversation starter and a few of the geeks even thought it was a real product at first. BTW, this is a fantastic feature for trouble-shooting those intermittent issues; you know those issues that never seem to occur when you are looking for them.

John Gentry, Virtual Instruments VP of Marketing, came by on the last day and ran a breakout session for all the geeks. I was not able to attend because I was busy running the demo lab, but I did have some of my fellow VI geeks go and report back to me that the session was well attend and there were some great questions at the end. In fact, I heard that if there was not another session in the same room right after, John could have gone another hour answering all the questions that were being asked.

I really enjoyed the Geek Lab and I want to thank WWT for inviting us. My favorite part was that it was so technical and there was no giveaways, drawings for IPADs, data sheets, signage, or marketing fluff allowed. There was just a lot of geeks in white lab coats, talking to other geeks and lot of big hardware, drawing a ton of power. I would not have changed a thing – I hope I get an invite to the next one!

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