IBM Edge 2015: Highlighting the value in guaranteed IT availability

By Raj Patel, Senior Director of Corporate and Field Marketing –

Convention and conference season is in full swing, and we’re happy to report that we’re taking it all in. Most recently, we spent May 11 through May 15 at the well-attended IBM Edge at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Much like our time at EMC World, we spent the week demonstrating infrastructure performance management (IPM) and the ways our current partners have used VirtualWisdom4. IT must be a source of innovation in the modern enterprise, but the challenge for many is achieving new ideas and solutions without generating any new costs. At IBM Edge, IT decision-makers saw firsthand the ways IPM helps deliver those solutions by solving performance issues rather than just gathering data.

On the show floor, VirtualWisdom was a standout topic, garnering significant interest from attendees. Enterprises in attendance understood the value in guaranteed availability for critical workloads, primarily through their own experiences with delays and significant downtime. These companies know they need performance data to make this data center goal a reality, but it can’t stop there. The IT teams need answers, not just raw information. They get that with IPM.

John Gentry, our vice president of marketing and alliances, touched on these topics in his breakout session, “Performance Matters – Guarantee IT Application Infrastructure Forever with VirtualWisdom4.” We highlighted our relationships with partner Key Information Systems and customer Sprint to demonstrate the utility of IPM, and representatives from each company were there to support the dialogue between our team and other attendees. Similarly, our executives briefed a number of existing and prospective customers to share how we’re changing the ways companies optimize their infrastructures.

The wide range of international execs we spoke to without fail rely on IT to be quick and efficient, and to support the critical applications they need to work and serve customers. At IBM Edge, we demonstrated the commitment we have to helping companies ensure both of those tasks are carried out with minimal delay through IPM. Performance problems aren’t just frustrating for IT workers. They cost companies money. VirtualInstruments is focused on IPM and helping companies find the answers to their problems buried in all of that performance data.

Need a better, more efficient infrastructure? Virtual Instruments has what you need to solve your most challenging performance problems.