Introducing WorkloadWisdom, the Next Generation of Our Storage Performance Validation Solution

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

Last week we announced WorkloadWisdom, a significantly enhanced and rebranded version of Load DynamiX Enterprise, our award-winning storage performance validation solution that is used by both IT organizations and storage vendors. The new WorkloadWisdom has the same powerful features customers are familiar with, wrapped in an updated user interface that simplifies the workload performance testing process. It’s also more tightly integrated with VirtualWisdom, the industry’s most advanced app-centric infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform.

Determining which storage system is the most cost-effective for different application workloads has long been a challenge for IT teams. Regardless of which storage technologies your organization uses, WorkloadWisdom can validate your workload performance, find performance limits, and make sure software updates and changes will not degrade your production deployments. WorkloadWisdom delivers faster overall reporting performance, an improved user interface, support for 25 Gigabit Ethernet fabrics, and enhanced support for SMB file-based environments.

At its core, WorkloadWisdom is a software application that leverages Workload Generators to analyze production storage workloads, model workloads, create what-if testing scenarios and produce workload performance analytics. Our Workload Generators are capable of emulating extreme, complex traffic loads. They offer detailed performance emulation of storage protocols that provide rich, accurate representations of mission-critical workloads, allowing customers to stretch their storage investments and still meet performance requirements – which is always top of mind for IT managers.

Here’s what one of our IT vendor customers had to say about WorkloadWisdom:

“Virtual Instruments has continued to evolve WorkloadWisdom in an impressive fashion. WorkloadWisdom has become integral to how our engineering and QA teams ensure the superior quality and performance scalability of the Nutanix products. It improves the productivity of our team and significantly reduces our overall testing expenses.” – David Sangster, EVP of engineering and operations, Nutanix

By delivering unprecedented realism, scalability and analytics, as well as a significantly improved user experience, WorkloadWisdom simplifies the entire storage performance testing, validation and forecasting process. This results in deployment decisions that can save customers millions in storage costs and ensure the performance of business-critical applications.

Ultimately, WorkloadWisdom shifts the focus from blindly deploying storage systems to starting with workload intelligence. Understanding workload behavior and workload performance characteristics allow IT and storage teams to make better workload placement decisions, and this is one of the primary reasons why our customers consider WorkloadWisdom to be their most valuable pre-production asset.

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