July news and events: IPM to improve SLAs and disaster recovery; enterprise IT development

By Raj Patel, senior director of corporate field marketing –

In June, Virtual Instruments’ employees were busy going from conference to conference to discuss infrastructure performance management (IPM) with the customers of several of our partners. This month, though, we looked at a number of critical issues within IT, analyzing the numerous ways in which IPM improves them. Enterprise IT as a whole evolves constantly—and IPM provides IT and application teams with the expertise and accuracy required to guarantee system-wide performance for application workloads—a process that businesses must always prioritize.

What we’re discussing at Virtual Instruments:

Business Insider names Virtual Instruments’ CEO Thompson a ‘cool’ CEO

Our own CEO John Thompson received quite the nod from Business Insider in mid-July, taking a spot on the company’s list of Silicon Valley’s Coolest CEOs. Thompson checked in at No. 24. Business Insider explained that Virtual Instruments’ success in 2014 and 2015, along with Thompson’s extensive success as a tech leader, warranted his inclusion.

Virtual Instruments discusses issues for companies running Windows Server 2003

Support for Windows Server 2003 ended on July 14, and estimates from different IT experts suggested there were still millions of these legacy systems in use. The problems presented by the lack of support range from compliance and security to lost data and the need to upgrade swiftly. With migrations likely to take at least 200 days in total, it’s imperative for companies still relying on Windows Server 2003 to move as quickly as possible to remove these machines from their data centers.

Assuring availability is not the same as guaranteeing IT performance

IT availability is a major concern for organizations throughout the industry. Availability doesn’t guarantee specific performance levels, though, and many organizations need baseline performance assurances for their critical workloads. With so many companies basing SLAs on availability levels, some may fall victim to poor application performance even without their partners violating SLAs. IPM enables organizations to integrate and enforce performance-based SLAs that ensure optimal experience across the board.

News from the tech industry:

Big data growth making infrastructures bigger, more complex

Big data’s growth in enterprise is well-documented. In fact, Ovum suggests the market may grow “six-fold” by 2019, placing an even larger burden on IT workers to ensure that infrastructures operate seamlessly so other employees can access and manage data without issue. Businesses need the data to accomplish most tasks. As such, the information needs to be available at all times. Storing and analyzing more data means more complex tasks in infrastructures and a greater need for performance benchmarks and resolving any performance issues.

Biggest virtualization players remain unchanged in 2015

Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for server virtualization rolled out earlier this month. Like last year, our partners VMware and Microsoft remained the key players, with the former holding a decisive lead as the leader. As this field continues to grow as the foundation for enterprise IT, ongoing development from these industry drivers will continue to play a crucial role.

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