Load Dynamix and Virtual Instruments merge to bridge application and infrastructure performance

By Philippe Vincent, CEO, Load DynamiX

For some time, we’ve heard from our customers about a need for tighter integration between Load DynamiX Enterprise and Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom platform for infrastructure performance management (IPM). Today, we announced the upcoming merger of Load DynamiX and Virtual Instruments. The new company will be known as Virtual Instruments and will combine the teams of both companies to create a world where applications and infrastructure perform better together. This will result in our customers’ significantly enhanced ability to drive down storage costs and mitigate performance risk across the networked storage estate.

Virtual Instruments is the industry’s gold standard for optimizing the performance, availability and utilization of production Fiber Channel SANs. Together, with Load DynamiX’s workload acquisition, analysis, modeling and workload generation products, we’re empowering IT teams to more intelligently deploy storage infrastructure and to proactively identify and resolve performance problems before they affect end users.

HighBar Partners is leading a $20 million investment into the merged company, so we are well funded to continue growing and innovating rapidly.

Pairing each company’s technology will have immediate customer benefits. Load DynamiX was already planning to add real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities to our Workload Sensors. By merging with Virtual Instruments, we accelerate our product development by directly working with the clear market leader in infrastructure performance monitoring.

Existing Load DynamiX workload performance analytics solutions will become more useful with the workload data made available by Virtual Instruments probes and VirtualWisdom. Load DynamiX gains immediate access to a large number of enterprise customer workload profiles, improving the value and accuracy of our out-of-the-box workload models, something no one else in the industry can offer. When both products are used together, IT teams can proactively identify and resolve performance problems and predict how application workloads will perform on the planned infrastructure.

When problems arise, the ability to capture the production workload profiles and performance metrics from VirtualWisdom and then replay them in a test lab will dramatically accelerate problem identification and resolution.

As we look to the future, you can expect us to make testing and monitoring work even better together, extend our performance analytics across to all virtual server, switch, and storage technologies, and expand our offerings into the cloud.

Virtual Instruments’ large and highly experienced global support and professional services team comes as another significant benefit for Load DynamiX customers, improving on our existing support services in the United States.

I look forward to working with all of the nearly 500 enterprise IT and storage vendor organizations that will now customers of the new Virtual Instruments.