Managing a Dynamic Data Center Requires Dynamic Monitoring

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

We work day in and day out to answer the following question:

How can we help our customers assure that their applications and infrastructure will perform better together?

This question drives us as a team because our goal is to provide as much overarching support as possible for enterprises as they build, manage and expand the technologies and platforms they use in their enterprise data centers. Applications are not static entities, and the more complexity that is introduced, the harder it is to understand the workloads. This is a huge challenge for companies today, as they work to figure out how best to capture, analyze, assess and manage their changing workloads and its effect on performance.

Exacerbating this challenge is the pressure IT operators face to keep up with the rapid pace of technology change. Whether it’s containers, software defined, hyperconverged, flash or public cloud integration, teams do not have the time they once had to test, plan and implement new environments. Now more than ever, companies are turning to their performance monitoring solutions to help them intelligently manage these transformations.  They need solutions that are just as dynamic and agile as the data centers they manage.

We recently had the opportunity to engage with our peers about these changes and challenges at the NetApp Insight conference, where we saw a lot of interest in our new NAS Performance Probe, as well as with our customers at our Eastern US Customer Advisory Board meeting.  Infrastructure performance and availability is always top of mind at our CAB sessions, and the responses and discussions are varied as each attending customer has a different infrastructure, with different vendors deployed to support their business-critical applications. Nevertheless, they all are seeking in-depth visibility into how workloads are changing and how they should be deployed/migrated in the future.

The best thing about our CAB meetings is watching and listening to our customers share these best practices with each other. You can practically see the infrastructure improvements as they collaborate at the same table. It’s incredible to see this happen. What’s even better is that these insights aren’t just left behind once the day ends. Our customers’ enthusiasm for sharing and eliciting feedback also allows us to leverage this information across our entire customer base, as we actively share these insights as part of our best practices implementation services. Every analytic, every insight, every dashboard view, comes from real-world data and production workload performance scenarios.

This deep level of engagement lets us maintain our vendor independence and better serve the needs of our customers’ dynamic data centers. Our ability to receive and analyze data in real time regardless of where or what device the data is coming from is critical in today’s modern data center. Our CAB sessions underscore this approach and propel us to continue our product and technology innovation and expansion.   We look forward to our EMEA CAB meeting set for next week in London!

Want to hear more about our extensive customer knowledge base and approach to industry best practices? We’d love to talk with you, so contact us today.