Why are so many enterprises replacing TPC with VirtualWisdom

By Jim Bahn, Senior Director, Product Marketing

TPC is costly and dated. We can save you money and modernize your monitoring

It’s not a secret, IBM’s Spectrum Control, AKA TPC, is getting long in the tooth.  It’s expensive and IBM doesn’t seem committed to keeping it up to date with the latest industry technologies.

When companies such as one of the largest insurers in the US, one of the world’s largest Consumer Products companies, and one of the largest mobile phone carriers looked around for alternatives, they found VirtualWisdom.  VirtualWisdom is purpose-built for large enterprises which, to stay competitive, must optimize application performance, availability, and utilization of their storage infrastructure, while capping costs.

Many companies are combining VirtualWisdom with the newest element/array management tools, and jettisoning their expensive TPC maintenance contracts.

With VirtualWisdom, you can:

  • Optimize overall infrastructure investments and contain costs.
  • Proactively improve application performance and availability across your infrastructure.
  • Control the proliferation of device-specific monitoring tools.
  • Collaborate across domains – DB, App, Server, Storage and Network via easy to use analytics-driven decision-support and a common view into the infrastructure.
  • Eliminate vendor finger-pointing by leveraging a vendor-independent, cross-silo solution.

I encourage you to view this short Tech Brief that summarizes the advantages of VirtualWisdom over TPC.  And this short video explains how Sprint benefits immensely from their decision to move to VirtualWisdom.

If this is something you’re considering, contact us for more details.