May news and events: Virtual Instruments on the conference scene and industry cloud news

By Raj Patel, Senior Director of Corporate and Field Marketing –

May was a busy month for Virtual Instruments. Our executive, product and field teams spent time at EMC World and IBM Edge in Las Vegas where they discussed and demonstrated the value of infrastructure performance management (IPM) to national and global enterprises across industries. And outside of Virtual Instruments, there were some thought-provoking takes on flash storage and data center performance in the enterprise.

What’s happening at Virtual Instruments:

John Thompson appears on theCUBE live from EMC World

Our CEO John Thompson headed to EMC World, and while at the show, he sat down for an interview with the hosts of theCUBE, an enterprise technology show from SiliconANGLE Media. During his appearance, Thompson discussed the evolution of Virtual Instruments from an idea to its current positon as a game-changing force in performance monitoring and problem solving for some of the world’s largest companies. He also shared some thoughts from his perspective as chairman of Microsoft, and the overarching trends shaping enterprise IT.

EMC World 2015: Virtual Instruments Customers, Partners Optimize IT infrastructure

Virtual Instruments was front and center at EMC World throughout the event. John Thompson’s appearance on theCUBE was just one of the many key events and appearances for our team. MetLife, a Virtual Instruments customer, delivered a breakout session to discuss its use of VirtualWisdom4. Our executives also had more than 50 briefings with customers and partners. Representatives from the Estee Lauder Group, E*Trade and MetLife, all VI customers, led exclusive roundtables to discuss how and why they are operationalizing the VirtualWisdom platform, as well.

IBM Edge 2015: Highlighting the value guaranteed IT availability

Also in Las Vegas, our team spent a few days IBM Edge to give IBM partners and customers a look at our category defining solution. John Gentry, our vice president of marketing and alliances, hosted a breakout session on guaranteeing availability of critical workloads with VirtualWisdom4. Key Information Systems, one of our partners, and Sprint, a customer, were there to support our team and share their first-hand experiences with the value of IPM.

News from tech industry:

Advances in virtualization drawing more to flash

The increase in virtualization has resulted in a number of technologies drawing more interest from enterprise IT executives. Flash is just one of those technologies, and its prevalence has resulted in more companies integrating it in some form. Despite flash’s ability to improve performance, it’s not easy for every company to just install it and move forward. Organizations are finding the best ways to integrate flash for their specific business needs, with many smaller IT departments opting for a hybrid array.

Key fixes for the unresponsive data center

As the data center evolves, and the cloud becomes a more critical aspect of enterprise IT, it’s important for IT operators to determine which metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) will be used to assess performance. With service delivery effectiveness, service efficiency or performance, system agility and service availability, IT departments must find specific metrics to truly gauge their data center operations and identify specific problems.

Software-defined technology makes infrastructures more efficient, more flexible

The potential for greater efficiency and flexibility in software-defined systems has changed the delivery of key services in IT, but most organizations are proceeding with caution in regard to software-defined storage. Even though many have already experienced benefits of the technology, they have only become enthusiastic about the technology as some major storage players have moved into the space.

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