Research Report: How Virtual Instruments is Disrupting the IPM Marketplace

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

We’ve been touting the benefits of application-centric infrastructure performance management (IPM) for years now, and recently made several partnerships and product announcements that continue to drive our leadership in the IPM space. But since the introduction of VirtualWisdom, our merger with Load DynamiX, the acquisition of Xangati, and many announcements since, you might be asking: what was the path Virtual Instruments took to get here?

Recently, we spoke with of the team at Clabby Analytics to discuss Virtual Instruments’ ongoing momentum and innovation in the IPM marketplace. They produced a comprehensive report that tells the story of our organization’s journey, which began with VI as a storage- and network-focused company and led to our position today: a market-leading company offering an entire suite of monitoring and analytics products that deliver unparalleled visibility into our customers’ infrastructure.

“In late 2017 we became aware that Virtual Instruments was undergoing a major shift in emphasis – becoming focused on “application-centric” management – the blending of infrastructure and application performance management to tune and optimize workflows,” reads the report from Clabby Analytics. “We view Virtual Instruments as being on the forefront of this trend.”

The Clabby Analytics report also notes that our recent partnerships with market leaders such as Cisco and Gigamon have allowed us to offer integration with new infrastructure devices and third-party platforms, and effectively eliminates the need for hardware performance probes and VI Taps for many customers.

One key part of the report describes the importance of understanding the “business context” of applications. As many of our readers will attest, application performance issues usually occur when changes are made to the application and database layers. These changes not only impact the applications themselves, but they also impact the behavior of the underlying infrastructure. Clabby Analytics notes that while business managers need to see how changing requirements impact their information systems, IT leaders simultaneously need to see the impact on the underlying infrastructure and make modifications as needed to accommodate those changes. VirtualWisdom offers visibility both ways, which allows business and IT leaders to give priority to mission-critical applications and maintain optimal performance levels across the board.

Our customers have responded positively to the evolution of our products – in fact, in 2017, our new customer growth increased by an impressive 173%, and overall revenues were up 25% compared to 2016. With a new application-centric view of their infrastructure, enterprises can make better and more informed decisions about their system capacity and usage. Companies using products like VirtualWisdom are then able to run more efficiently, often saving millions of dollars in technology and management costs.

We highly recommend you read the full report from Clabby Analytics to get the full story of Virtual Instruments’ journey to app-centricity and don’t forget to follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in app-centric infrastructure performance monitoring.