The Gold Standard For Clinical Application Infrastructure

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer, Virtual Instruments 

Virtual Instruments - Gold Standard in HealthcareOrganizations in every industry consider their applications to be mission-critical, but in the healthcare sector, lives literally depend on the availability of patient records and other clinical applications. That’s why we at Virtual Instruments are proud to say that our solutions are now used by more than 50 leading healthcare providers and payers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the challenges associated with hybrid infrastructure management in healthcare.

Firstly, while healthcare organizations continue to adopt a hybrid data center model to manage their electronic health records (EHR), the scale and complexity associated with these mission-critical applications is beyond human comprehension. Since healthcare applications are inherently data-driven, healthcare IT managers often struggle to ensure their performance and availability, and they depend on real-time data to make life-saving decisions. Furthermore, having patient records available at all times is critical to delivering quality care, in addition to maintaining regulatory compliance.

Simply put, without real-time visibility into the health, utilization, capacity and performance of the underlying IT infrastructure, healthcare IT organizations have no way to proactively ensure the availability and performance their critical patient services.

This is where Virtual Instruments comes in. VirtualWisdom – our hybrid infrastructure management and AIOps platform – holistically monitors, analyzes and optimizes the health, utilization, capacity and performance of IT infrastructure within the context of the application. The platform discovers and maps applications to the infrastructure in order to understand where each application lives and how it behaves on top of the infrastructure. By taking this application-centric approach, VirtualWisdom enables healthcare organizations to proactively balance infrastructure resources to ensure the performance and availability of their critical EHR applications.

In 2018, we achieved a record 101% growth in our healthcare business, with our customer base now including the largest managed care organization in the U.S., one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, and one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about our solutions:

“As the complexity of our data center continued to grow exponentially, we faced the risk of becoming reactive to infrastructure and application issues – rather than proactively addressing them. With the new VirtualWisdom and its AIOps capabilities, we gain full visibility into the performance, capacity, health and utilization of our mission-critical applications and the underlying infrastructure. As a result, we are able to take a proactive approach to assuring the availability and performance of our critical apps and services.” – Jon Phillips, Enterprise Storage and SAN Team Manager, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)

“We knew we needed something that would give us a broader picture and one place to go to get answers on what’s happening with all components within that infrastructure. That’s what led us to Virtual Instruments. The VirtualWisdom platform has been great for us. It was everything they claimed it would be.” – Randy Davis, CIO & VP of Support Services, CGH Medical Center 

To learn more about our recent momentum in the healthcare sector, check out our recent press release.  If you’re interested to learn what we can do for your healthcare organization, request to speak with an expert and schedule a demo. And, as always, don’t forget to follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in hybrid infrastructure management.