The NYC subway should take some advice from enterprise IT

By Sam Curcuruto, Product Marketing Manager –

Which is older — the fall of the Ottoman Empire or the New York City Subway?

If you said the Ottoman Empire, you’re sadly mistaken.

A recent article published by Gizmodo details the story of the infrastructure supporting the NYC subway system in all its ancient glory. Traffic patterns vary wildly between the middle of the night and rush hour, and as anyone who has lived in the city knows, struggles with failures and repairs are a constant occurrence and major headache for engineers and riders alike.

This story is a metaphor for the life and times of modern-day IT, application and DevOps teams. As enterprise IT evolves from layers of physical systems and aging infrastructure to modern virtualized and converged systems, struggles are often experienced by both the architects and the end users. Ops teams are responsible for making sure that both the infrastructures and mission-critical apps are not only operational, but with minimal latency 24/7/365. Any delays or slowdowns can be felt and multiplied across the entire infrastructure.

Just as engineers aren’t able to run the NYC subway system by simply looking at station traffic or which direction a switch is turned, IT teams can’t understand system-wide performance by simply looking at VM status or switch data.

Infrastructure performance management (IPM) is the solution to help smooth the rails for enterprise IT. Platforms like VirtualWisdom4 provide the visibility needed for definitive answers to performance questions throughout the IT stack, regardless of component vendors. This allows for performance-based service level agreements (SLAs), objective views of infrastructure status and guaranteed performance. As more data is made available, VirtualWisdom becomes even more insightful, making the experience of IT teams and system end users more productive.

As your teams maintain and upgrade your infrastructure, using an IPM platform that incorporates granular analysis ensures that your infrastructure performs just as well at peak usage as it does in the middle of the night.

And for those interested, the New York City subway had its first underground traffic on Oct. 27, 1904. The Ottoman Empire fell 20 years later in 1924.

If an infrastructure upgrade is on the horizon for your company, VirtualWisdom can make migrations as efficient and cost-effective as possible.