Unlocking potential with Virtual Instruments managed services

Nicholas Dimotakis –

There’s a bit of a buzz and excitement here at Virtual Instruments as we just completed one year of operation of our newest service. Virtual Instruments Managed Services (VIMS) is a solution which provides the full capabilities of the industry-leading VirtualWisdom platform as an ongoing managed service offering, enabling customers to monitor the performance of their end-to-end IT infrastructure and proactively mitigate risks reducing the need for capital investment. Owing to its initial success, we’ve made the software even more closely integrated with the new VirtualWisdom4 platform.

The purpose of VIMS is to unlock value for the customer.  Monitoring an IT infrastructure requires resources – administration, operation, out of hours troubleshooting, reporting.  We’ve found that our customers sometimes prefer to have a dedicated team from Virtual Instruments manage their monitoring instead. The VIMS team comprises of several VI people for each customer, the most important of whom is the Virtual Wisdom Operator (VWO), who will manage the monitoring process, proactively update the customer with upcoming issues, provide monthly performance reports and manage trouble-shooting.

Unlike other managed service providers, our team focuses on Infrastructure Performance, working with the customer to ensure every element within the IT infrastructure is running optimally. With visibility right down to an individual element, such as a switch port as well as all the way up to the application level comprising of multiple elements such as comprised fabric, LUNs and HBAs, the administrator can provide an insightful analysis and advise on how to optimally allocate resources to increase performance. The VIMS team also provides out of hours urgent incident support and is able to monitor the customer environment around the clock.

When we were developing VirtualWisdom4, we wanted to ensure that it seamlessly integrates with the VIMS program to provide an even better customer experience. The platform is now web-based meaning it can be accessed by any number of people, from any location. The analytics reports are highly informative and visual and, while providing deep insight into performance, they are easy to read and navigate around.

VIMS is a unique solution, which combines the expertise and experience our team has built up over the past years. The analytic insight and intelligence provided through this program is invaluable to our customers and the result of our work truly unlocks the full potential of an IT environment. We are seeing an expansion of the VIMS offering that will increase over the coming months. The closer integration of VIMS with VirtualWisdom4 means that we can now deliver results even quicker and reach a wider audience.