Virtual Instruments and SANBlaze Partner to Bring Workload Modeling and Analytics to NVMe-based Storage Performance Testing

By Tim Van Ash, SVP of products

Recently, we announced an innovative partnership with industry pioneer SANBlaze to provide unprecendented insight into FC-NVMe workloads for storage technology vendors and enterprise IT. The partnership not only features a joint reselling agreement, but also includes cross integrations between our WorkloadWisdom solution and SANBlaze’s VirtuaLUN offering. Our respective CEOs signed the agreement on August 6th, at the start of the Flash Memory Summit.

SanBlaze Logo for BlogWhy did we pursue this partnerhip? For those who might be unfamiliar, non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is considered the most disruptive innovation in the storage industry since flash storage. As customer demand for high performance and ultra-low latency applications continues unabated, NVMe and NVMe-over-Fabrics are becoming the preferred protocol. Combine that with the fact that mission-critical workloads change at a rapid pace and IT professionals are expected to guarantee applications performance at any given time, and you’re left with a distinct need for workload modeling and FC-NVMe load generation solutions.

What does this mean for customers? By combining our industry-leading production workload analytics and modeling platform with SANBlaze’s FC-NVMe emulation system, our mutual customers can drive sophisticated production workload models across all tier-1 storage technologies in order to better characterize storage system performance understand when performance limits will be reached and under which conditions. This results in optimized infrastructure costs and minimized risk. Here’s what SANBlaze had to say about the partnership:

“We pride ourselves on being a pioneer in storage emulation technologies. Our storage vendor customers require end-to-end validation of their storage networks and systems, especially as they move to next generation technologies such as NVMe. By partnering with Virtual Instruments, we’re now able to offer our customers the application workload modeling and testing they have been asking for by integrating with WorkloadWisdom’s production workload modeling and analytics application.” – Vince Asbridge, president and CEO of SANBlaze

Partnership with SANBlazeWe at Virtual Instruments place an extremely high value on our partnerships. Enterprises are increasingly demanding an open ecosystem that offers vendor-independent testing and monitoring tools, and the best way to make that dream a reality is for companies to build mutually beneficial relationships and provide the best possible products and services to their customers– which is exactly what we’re doing by partnering with SANBlaze.

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