VirtualWisdom strengthens its commitment to Federal government customers by achieving Common Criteria certification

By Ravi Prakash, Director Product Marketing

Common Criteria CertificationVirtual Instruments, the industry leader in application-centric Infrastructure Performance Monitoring, strengthens its commitment to the Federal government and associated agencies by achieving yet another milestone in the form of Common Criteria certification for VirtualWisdom version 5.7.0.

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized set of guidelines (ISO-15408) recognized by 28 nations, that provides a methodology framework for evaluating security features and capabilities of Information Technology (IT) products.

The Common Criteria certification provides a seal of assurance to the federal government, associated agencies and contractors that the process of specification, implementation and evaluation for our monitoring platform was conducted in a thorough and standard manner; satisfying strict security requirements for Information Assurance and Interoperability.

VirtualWisdom is an application-centric IPM platform which takes measurements at the host OS, hypervisor, network, SAN, storage and correlates all the gathered metrics using purpose-built analytics to surface actionable insights.   It offers a single pane-of-glass to view all your datacenter assets using role-based dashboard that cater to each stakeholder in the IT department.

VirtualWisdom platform appliance version 5.7.0 went through Common Criteria Certification completed within the Canadian scheme.  Testing was done against the NIAPP approved Collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices v2.0 (NDcPP) and was issued on December 21, 2018.  The resulting certificate may be viewed here.   This Common Criteria certification for VirtualWisdom version 5.7.0 translates into the following benefits for government customers with hybrid-data centers.

  • Application Discovery & Mapping
    • Ability to discover applications using SSH/WMI from Linux and Windows based servers
    • Identify linkages between application components by monitoring inter-VM traffic using NetFlow generated by VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS)
    • Ability to discover and consume AppDynamics application and service models
    • Ability to map ServiceNow business criticality to tier-based service level policies. This augments manual application creation which was always supported in VirtualWisdom
  • Root-cause of application slowdowns over FC or Ethernet infrastructure
    • Monitoring of application conversations on Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), SMB and NFS protocols
    • Monitoring of application conversations at the highest fidelity in the industry by using purpose-built Performance Probes that support FC, SMB and NAS protocols
    • Wire level monitoring of every application conversation in a 32G Fibre Channel based Cisco SAN based on Cisco MDS switches with NXOS 8.3.1 and with Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming This is an agentless and software-only solution from Virtual Instruments for those situations where it may be challenging to install network TAPs or hardware probes
  • Single-pane of glass monitoring
    • Single pane of glass monitoring of all datacenter assets including HCI (VMware vSAN, Dell EMC VxFlex OS, Nutanix, Cisco HyperFlex, HPE Simplivity)
  • Correlation using purpose-built analytics
    • Problem resolution & avoidance (Event Advisor, Trend Matcher, Queue Solver)
    • Application Service Assurance (Seasonal Trend)
    • Workload and Capacity Management (VM Coordinator, VM Deployment Advisor, Balance Finder, Workload Analysis, Storage Port Balancer)
  • Run-book style automation
    • While any monitoring platform can generate alerts, VirtualWisdom takes a run-book style approach to problem resolution where alerts generate cases which trigger investigations which result in purpose- built analytics being run to help you get to root-cause. The resulting benefit is that you have faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) of infrastructure issues impacting the SLA of mission critical applications.  This in turn helps you avoid unwanted war-room situations and associated finger-pointing between infrastructure vendors who have visibility only into their own silos

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