VirtualWisdom and the User experience

By Ravi Prakash, Product Manager

user with maps app on tablet

When you use services like Google Maps you can see a high-level view but then drill down to topics of interest, you can overlay satellite imagery, street maps, 360-degree panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic congestion and you can plan your travel by car, on foot or via public transportation.  This is the gold standard when it comes to user interfaces as it offers something for everyone.   We use a similar paradigm in our application-centric infrastructure monitoring platform VirtualWisdom.  Our approach is to provide “answers for everybody”.  We have invested in the following focus areas:

1. The Centralized Dashboard

centralized application performance dashboard

VirtualWisdom offers a consolidated high-level dashboard that shows application performance in terms of response times, a heat map of conversations from the hosts all the way down to the storage LUN and the ability to drill down where needed for deeper insights.

2. Application Context

application awareness dashboard crm topology details

Virtual Instruments introduced application awareness & executive dashboards to what was once an infrastructure monitoring platform aimed primarily at storage teams.  Our mission today is to help you bridge your in-house infrastructure teams with your application teams by providing a shared context between them.  We introduced the ability to discover applications using the information you have in ServiceNow and AppDynamics.

If you don’t use ServiceNow or AppDynamics we can collect and interpret NetFlow generated by physical and virtual switches like VMware vSphere Distributed Switch to identify applications based on communication patterns of virtual machines housing application components like the database, web front end, application component.

3. VI Runbook Automation (aka Investigations)

VI runbook automation investigations flow

We introduced the concept of Investigations as we realized that in large enterprises whether in financial services, healthcare or manufacturing, over-worked operations teams don’t want to be informed that there is a problem, they prefer an automated method of problem remediation.  We do this by using purpose-built analytics and leveraging 12+ years of VI professional services engagements.

4. Breadth & Depth of Monitoring

Virtual Instruments introduced support for Hyper Converged Infrastructure (Dell EMC VxFlex-formerly ScaleIO, VMware vSAN, Nutanix) as well as NAS wire-level monitoring.  Our goal was to provide a single dashboard where you can monitor the performance of all your real-estate: SAN attached block storage, NAS, SDS, and HCI – from the compute down to the storage LUN or file system.

Virtual Instruments introduced infrastructure awareness to AppDynamics and also introduced support for Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming for customers who wanted more insights that could be provided by our software probes but not the level of detail provided by our hardware performance probes.  We realized that we had a good workflow with investigations, but we could make it even easier on a customer if we embed the charts within an investigation and that is what we did.  This significantly reduces troubleshooting time.

infrastructure awareness cisco SAN telemetry streaming

5. Accessibility

Another area of focus for us is the fact that ~ 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women are colorblind.  This means 8% of men will describe the following scenery differently.

brightly colored homes on island cliffside with bright blue water

Our UI team uses tools to ensure that our product is easy to use regardless of whether a customer has deuteranopia (where a person confuses a mid-red with mid-greens), protonopia (confuses black with shades of red), tritanopia (confuses light blue with grey).  In conclusion, we offer answers for everybody and for all levels of the operations and IT teams.

6. Customer feedback

Feedback from customers is essential to our evolution.  To hear how Univ. of Texas Health Systems finds value in VirtualWisdom click on the YouTube video referenced here:

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