VirtualWisdom4.3 brings multi-hypervisor support, more analytics to IPM

By Vikram Ramesh, Senior Director of Product and Digital Marketing

At Virtual Instruments, our goal is to simplify heterogeneous infrastructure performance management (IPM) by capturing a unique combination of wire data and machine data and then applying context-specific analytics to deliver the key insights and answers that enterprise IT teams need. With VirtualWisdom4, we took the first major step in accomplishing that goal. However, our latest iteration, VirtualWisdom4.3, expands on that capability, bringing multi-hypervisor support to the platform and building in more analytics focused on workload management to guarantee optimum performance and availability.

VirtualWisdom brings value with its entity-centric design, built to work with heterogeneous infrastructures. Now with VirtualWisdom4.3, Virtual Instruments builds on the goal of true end-to-end, holistic visibility. Other features of VirtualWisdom4 – intelligent topology, case-based alarms and other features – have all been improved while key new features have been introduced.

What’s new?

  • VirtualInstruments is expanding support for new hypervisor platforms to provide a consistent approach to managing performance across heterogeneous environments.
    • ProbeVM for IBM PowerVM is an agentless solution that discovers the PowerVM environment and integrates fully with the VirtualWisdom platform to provide LPAR to disk LUN visibility. This provides PowerVM customers with greater insight into the virtualization stack to enable proper placement of workloads, as well as the intelligence needed to properly size the LPARs.
    • ProbeVM for Microsoft Hyper-V enables comprehensive cross-domain, real-time measurement capabilities. Server and VM administrators are then empowered to optimize the performance, utilization and health of their virtualized IT infrastructure running on Hyper-V.
  • Flexible cloud delivery allows enterprises to push the analytics of VirtualWisdom through the cloud while maintaining a smaller on-premise footprint, allowing for greater scalability, efficiency and agility as these organizations grow their data centers.
  • VM Coordinator provides accurate guidance on the optimal placement of virtual machines across clusters before degradation occurs, and helps eliminate overprovisioning and unnecessary re-balancing.

Enterprise IT is under a consistent mandate to support rapidly growing and changing infrastructures. At the same time, cost optimization remains a similarly critical demand. VirtualWisdom4.3 will help companies support and manage more infrastructure components and do so at the optimal performance with the lowest cost and risk. With VirtualWisdom deployment, IT teams can stop thinking about troubleshooting and start thinking about their companies’ futures.

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