What’s our secret to success? Our leaders and culture attract premium talent

By Raj Patel, Senior Director, Corporate and Field Marketing –

At Virtual Instruments, we have a simple, but effective, recruitment strategy: we go after only premium talent for every opening at our company. Appealing to the best person for a position, though, requires more than good compensation and a promising opportunity. The kind of people we want to employ probably have a few other chances awaiting them, and since they’re talented individuals, we know those other opportunities can be intriguing. We need to stand out, especially in our growing infrastructure performance management (IPM) market. The field of solutions that help companies optimize IT performance is picking up speed, and we need to get the best team to put ourselves at the top.

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How do we do that? We differentiate ourselves with a corporate culture that’s as attractive to prospective employees as our solutions are to prospective customers. Recently, we spoke with Roland Feldmeier, our partner business manager, and Mark Pham, our senior systems administrator, to get their perspective on how our strategy has been working out. Both of these professionals have strong resumes and years of experience in their fields. We wanted them at Virtual Instruments, so we did everything to show them what we’re all about, and neither they nor we have looked back.

Here’s what Roland and Mark had to say:

Roland Feldmeier, partner business manager for Virtual Instruments

“After meeting with several of the team members, I felt the exuberance they had for the performance analytics solution and the boundless opportunities for increasing the capabilities even more in the future.”

Mark Pham, senior systems administrator for Virtual Instruments

“I chose to work at Virtual Instruments because of the leadership, namely John Thompson. I was very impressed with his track record. Another reason was because I really like the hiring manager and the people who interviewed me. They very nice and friendly, so I figured the working atmosphere must be really good. I was correct.”

Both of these testimonials are of great pride to us at Virtual Instruments. Our leadership has all the experience necessary to do some truly groundbreaking work, but we’re most proud of the culture we’ve built throughout our entire team and the vision we have for the technology we’re creating. Passion is the most important aspect of a Virtual Instruments employee, and, because of that love for our work, we’ve built a corporate culture and a product that prioritize building solutions that eliminate some of the snags for our clients to achieve their own goals.

Virtual Instruments’ IPM solution is changing IT, and you just may be the right fit for our team.