A Superior Storage Performance Testing And Validation Solution

Your Storage Vendor's Best Kept Secret for True Workload Testing

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

Freeware tools like Iometer and Vdbench are great for quick tests of simple applications, in small environments.  But if you are trying to make million dollar decisions, and you’d like to know how your enterprise apps will run, consider getting a professional, industrial strength performance testing and validation solution.

It’s easy to make claims, so we’re backing up our statement with a whitepaper that shows, through testing, what you’re missing.  In a nutshell … real world workloads have second and even sub-second bursts.  If you can’t simulate that kind of behavior, you are getting bad test results.  We have proof.

Ask your storage vendor what they use for realistic, scalable load testing, and they’ll probably tell you “Load DynamiX” or as it’s now known, “WorkloadWisdom”. Every major storage vendor uses the VI WorkloadWisdom performance testing platform.

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