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The Keys to Guaranteed Data Center Performance Management

Understanding the performance of your IT infrastructure is a difficult task. In fact, it often feels like IT professionals are forced to wear detective hats when exploring their systems and infrastructures just to understand the most basic of performance issues. Like a detective, IT teams often lack a holistic, full-picture view of data center performance issues and must therefore piece together disparate clues that help tell the story. Each level of the infrastructure stack provides its own set of clues, and without a holistic view of the overall data center environment, IT sleuths must infer what conclusion the clues are leading to as they go. As data center infrastructures become more complex, the clues become harder to read, and reliable performance is difficult to achieve.

One factor that contributes to data center complexity is that although the infrastructures and equipment become dated, they don’t disappear. Enterprises with lean budgets and limited staff continue to operate around these legacy systems, layering on new equipment and attempting to integrate the two into a cohesive system. Combine this situation with higher-than-ever customer expectations for availability and performance, and it’s clear why IT professionals are challenged when seeking holistic visibility. To put it simply, a gap exists between the performance information that is necessary and what is available, and this gap causes frustration for the affected teams.