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Independent Research Firm Study with Virtual Instruments: Issues Resolution Delays, Inadequate Performance Management Tools Are Pervasive in the Enterprise

Study Underscores Need for Unified IT Infrastructure Performance Management

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Virtual Instruments investigating the state of performance management and problem resolution in enterprises illustrates the need for unified IT infrastructure performance management (IPM) tools with correlated data across server, storage and network domains. According to the research, enterprises are not prioritizing holistic monitoring technology and are missing the opportunity for early issue identification that could prevent customer-impacting problems and, ultimately, damage to the company’s reputation.

Virtual Instruments, the leader in IPM solutions for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments, commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 152 IT infrastructure and operations decision-makers. The findings revealed a gap in IPM that stems from various causes, including poor communication and inadequate monitoring tools.

The study, which was published in November 2014, titled “Shift to Workload-Centric Infrastructure Performance Management,” yielded five key findings:

  • Resolving critical performance issues takes hours. Further, 25 percent of respondents noted that resolution could exceed a day in many cases.
  • Poor communication and a lack of consensus hamper problem resolution. A lack of ownership of issues and distrust among teams can cause poor communication and extend the time to resolution.
  • Most respondents incorrectly believed their environments are dynamic. The disparity between the number of respondents who classified their environments as dynamic (72 percent) and those able to quickly resolve issues (18 percent) is quite expansive.
  • Virtualization is making problem resolution more difficult. Forty-three percent of respondents agreed that virtualization is increasing the complexity of both the systems and issues resolution.
  • Real-time data collection, advanced analytics and data correlation across domains are required to resolve problems in dynamic environments. Real-time monitoring helps optimize resources and drive performance, agility and availability to peak levels.

“We commissioned the Forrester Consulting study to gain an understanding of the performance pain points in enterprise IT departments. On any given day, IT professionals may be struggling with hours of downtime as a result of critical performance issues,” said John Gentry, Virtual Instruments’ vice president of marketing and alliances. “The survey results tell us that strong IPM solutions can alleviate many of the primary issues identified, improving overall system performance and relieving much of the stress that IT infrastructure decision-makers experience today.”

The full research study, which is available on the Virtual Instruments website, outlines the findings in detail, along with key recommendations to combat these common problems. In addition, Virtual Instruments held a recent webinar to present the findings to interested parties; the recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

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