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Virtual Instruments launches Customer Success Program to share agile IT best practices

Expanded offerings include optimization workshops, performance validation services and infrastructure audits that empower enterprises to transform their ever-changing IT infrastructures

San Jose, Calif. – November 2, 2016 – Virtual Instruments, the leader in infrastructure performance analytics, today announced the launch of its Customer Success Program, which arms enterprises with the knowledge and support services they need to proactively manage and confidently transform their evolving IT infrastructures. Expanding upon its former Professional Services team, and in support of the newly released VirtualWisdom5 with its Advanced Analytics, the Virtual Instruments Customer Success Program leverages the company’s broad, deep understanding of customer business drivers, pain points and ever-expanding data center complexities. In addition to broader support of operationalization strategies, the program offers expanded services, including consulting, training, operationalization workshops and collective best practices for customers pursuing IT agility and operational maturity.

Ranging from sophisticated operational solutions, as well as critical infrastructure audits and storage performance validation and testing, the Customer Success Program offerings draw on the expertise of Virtual Instruments’ staff and the company’s work with leading enterprise customers. Using its VirtualWisdom5 and Load DynamiX Enterprise solutions, customers benefit from the team’s extensive knowledge and experience related to performance-based optimization, application de-risking and advanced troubleshooting of IT infrastructure. The Customer Success Program empowers IT teams to shift from reactive to proactive to business-aligned IT infrastructure, analytics and decision-support best practices, creating agile IT collaboration and enablement. The approaches and methods utilized increase the value of solution options that extend to DevOps, server, network, storage and application service delivery teams.

“By bringing our customers the resources to help them transform their physical, virtual and cloud environments into agile IT, we’re enabling and accelerating customer and partner success,” said Bo Barker, senior vice president, global professional services, of Virtual Instruments. “The net result from the customer’s perspective is aligning its vendor and partner ecosystem with data-driven insights and expertise, leading to confident, trusted decision-support – all in support of customer success.  These approaches are mandatory in the ever-transforming IT landscape.”

The Virtual Instruments Customer Success Program includes:

  • PROWisdom: Focused workshops and services help enterprises independently manage their infrastructure using Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom solution for infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics. Tailored to customer objectives, PROWisdom includes baseline reports on health, utilization and performance; configuration of alarms and reports; and advanced training to support full operationalization.
  • Performance Capacity Profiling: This service empowers storage administrators with the most effective storage capacity planning approach based on the correlation of actual LUN IO traffic patterns and LUN configured capacity. Customers get a clear, holistic view of LUN utilization and the optimization opportunities for each array, leading to actionable data that helps enterprises realize savings by deferring future capital expenditures.
  • LDX Labs Performance Testing and Validation: Using Virtual Instruments’ in-house testing lab or their own testing facilities, enterprises get product benchmarking, performance profiling, workload modeling and vendor-agnostic proofs of concept.
  • Critical Infrastructure Audit (CIA): The audit measures the health, utilization and performance of the end-to-end virtualized host and SAN or NAS environment to help enterprises identify areas to optimize existing assets and right-size future deployments.
  • Managed Services: This outcome-based service enables IT managers to achieve maximum financial benefits from the optimization of infrastructure resources, while improving availability and application performance.

About Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments is the leader in infrastructure performance analytics and provides comprehensive infrastructure instrumentation and workload analytics for enterprise data centers. The company’s solutions give IT teams deep workload visibility and actionable insights into their end-to-end systems across cloud, virtual and physical environments. Virtual Instruments empowers companies to more easily evaluate and transition to new storage architectures and maximize the performance, availability and utilization of their production IT infrastructure. Recently merged with Load DynamiX, Virtual Instruments has nearly 500 customers, including enterprise IT, cloud service providers and storage vendors. The privately held company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, visit

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