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VirtualWisdom4.1 is ‘ideally placed to deliver meaningful recommendations’ for customers.

Infrastructure Performance Management provider Virtual Instruments has updated its VirtualWisdom solution, offering customers new analytics tools.

Now dubbed VirtualWisdom4.1, the update was announced at Powering the Cloud in Frankfurt. It features an applied analytics module which the firm claims to offer ‘enhanced user-interface, reporting, and analytics tools’.

Skip Bacon, CTO at Virtual Instruments, said: “The advanced applied analytics tools are able to execute tasks in just a few seconds, tasks which prior to VirtualWisdom4, would have taken hours or even days.

“The 4.1 module was developed to gain an explicit understanding of the relationships between entities within IT, from the hypervisor all the way to the storage tier, the associated metrics, and the context in which the data was measured. This means that VirtualWisdom4.1 is ideally placed to deliver meaningful recommendations in the unique context of a specific customer’s environment.”

Virtual Instruments was founded in California in 2008, and is now headed up by ex-Symantec CEO John Thompson, the man who propelled Symantec from a $600m firm to a $6bn one.

Virtual Instruments’ Infrastructure Performance Management platform effectively helps customers ensure their applications and infrastructure perform better together.