#1 Commercial-grade Storage Testing Platform

Performance Testing and Validation of SDS with WorkloadWisdom

When Software Defined Storage is delivered via a truly open-systems model, IT can potentially save millions by leveraging the best price-performance, commodity options for your data center, over hardware-defined solutions. But the total cost of storage ownership isn’t just about commodity versus proprietary hardware. It includes the value of all the software, as well as the integration and testing work. In a pure SDS model, it falls on the customer, who acts as his own integrator, to do the testing that storage vendors do. Today, the storage vendors do a substantial amount of testing before they release new products, including:

  • Limits finding – determining the workload conditions that drive performance below minimal thresholds, and the documenting of storage behavior at failure point
  • Functional testing – the investigation under a simulated load of various functions of the storage system (e.g., backup)
  • Error Injection – the investigation under a simulated load of specific failure scenarios (e.g., fail-over when a drive fails)
  • Soak testing – the observation of the storage system under a load sustained over significant time (e.g., two days, one week)
  • Compatibility testing – determining that the interaction of storage hardware, software and networking is compatible with other major subsystems (e.g., virtualizers and database systems)
  • Regression testing – a huge effort is made to ensure that new releases don’t break things that used to work; it can be the single largest QA testing job and requires either massive manual efforts or extremely automated, well-scripted test beds

If you are moving to a SDS model, you have to ensure that someone is doing all that testing to avoid as many problems as possible because finding problems and resolving them is only going to be harder. Fortunately, the same testing tools and methodologies that the vendors trust, WorkloadWisdom (the #1 storage testing platform) is now available to you.

For an example of how WorkloadWisdom can be used to validate SDS performance characteristics, download our SDS benchmark report.