CGH Medical Center

Using VirtualWisdom for 360-degree visibility to inform executive decisions, boost performance, and deliver better patient outcomes

Customer Story and Case Study

Company Background

CGH employs more than 1,400 people, including 140 physicians across 35 areas of medicine. It relies on a diverse application portfolio that includes electronic medical records, billing, lab, radiology and several other mission-critical systems. These interdependent systems must operate together without fail for CGH to deliver on its mission to provide excellent patient care through outstanding skill and heartfelt passion. By understanding the application workload-to-infrastructure alignment, CGH is able to make better decisions, from the IT operator to the chairman of the board.

Constant Performance Challenges

CGH’s IT team had challenges not uncommon to many throughout IT—continually ensuring optimal performance and availability in its highly virtualized environment and identifying root causes of latency issues and intermittent performance degradations. Within an hour of having VirtualWisdom4 running, CGH was able to look into its environment and monitor its end-to-end infrastructure, enabling the organization to proactively determine what, how, when and where emergent problems that impact performance were occurring. Once the platform was deployed, the team continued to benefit from the accurate, unbiased answers it received. This empowered the team to have more informed and collaborative dialogues internally and externally with CGH’s vendor ecosystem.

Deep Visibility was Critical

VirtualWisdom4 gives users unprecedented visibility into IT infrastructure to foster the kind of end-to-end understanding of IT operations required in today’s highly virtualized landscape. Proactive monitoring of critical workloads minimizes inefficiency and helps administrators save time, money and resources. Performance management and cost optimization are vital components of healthcare IT, and VirtualWisdom helps organizations, such as CGH Medical Center, achieve both.

“Given the healthcare industry’s ongoing reliance on IT to enable meaningful outcomes, now more than ever, providers like CGH must optimize their IT infrastructures to guarantee availability and performance while also managing and accurately forecasting spend,” said John Gentry, vice president of marketing and alliances at Virtual Instruments. “Like many other companies, hospitals depend on virtualization, specialized services and interdependent systems to deliver excellent quality of service. Anything that impacts performance or availability is unacceptable. And in healthcare organizations, unacceptable may be life-impacting. VirtualWisdom enables the CGH IT team to deliver optimal performance so the hospital can ensure meaningful outcomes.”


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