Hyper‑converged Infrastructure Performance

HCI Success with VirtualWisdom

Current business needs cannot be met with yesterday’s technology. Legacy IT approaches perpetuate silos and complexity through an overload of products and tools that lack interoperability.  Hyper-converged infrastructures meet the need by bringing storage, servers, networking, and management together. Your infrastructure monitoring and management tools should likewise be brought together.

VirtualWisdom helps customers improve the performance and cost efficiency of their end-to-end infrastructure, allowing IT professionals to accelerate adoption of new technology architectures, and proactively ensure continually optimized performance over time.

Understanding Hyper-converged infrastructure performance is accomplished with deep VirtualWisdom integration into hypervisor and HCI architectures. Uncompromising visibility is gained with cross-domain visibility enhanced with network traffic flows via our ProbeNetFlow integration. This lock-step integration technique provides complete HCI correlation, health and performance insights.

What VirtualWisdom’s App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management provides for HCI implementations:

  • Risk Mitigation, enabling Performance-Based SLAs: Baseline and validate existing SLAs and ensure sizing and SLA commitments are still maintained once applications are moved into an HCI infrastructure.
  • End-to-end Visibility for Application Service Assurance: Track and monitor performance from an application through the host / VM, and storage infrastructure, and pinpoint and resolve emergent issues before they become problems.
  • Improve Availability through Proactive Problem Resolution and Avoidance:       Proactive problem identification and resolution reduces manual triage and expedites remediation

VirtualWisdom supports several major SDS, HCI, and legacy converged systems offerings, including:

  • VMware’s hyperconverged-enabling vSAN
  • Nutanix systems running Hyper-V or vSphere hypervisors
  • HPE SimpliVity systems running Hyper-V or vSphere
  • HPE ConvergedSystem
  • VxRail appliances and VxRack systems
  • Dell EMC ScaleIO, vBlock & VSPEX
  • Cisco HyperFlex

Additional systems will be qualified over time; check with your Virtual Instruments reseller or call us for specific questions. For more details on HCI support, see the FAQ.