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Modern Data Center Automation Relies on VISIBILITY AND CONTROL – READ THE BRIEF


VirtualWisdom Hybrid IT infrastructure Management and AIOps platform is an agentless out-of-band IT infrastructure monitoring and AIOps platform spanning from the on-premise data center to the public cloud. Used by IT leaders across every industry, VirtualWisdom ensures the performance, health and utilization of the increasingly complex hybrid infrastructure that supports your most important applications.

Outages, slowdowns and the formation of IT war rooms are symptoms of an out-of-control infrastructure that lacks the instrumentation and monitoring to proactively prevent such problems. A lack of holistic real-time visibility and application awareness across the infrastructure is the root cause of such symptoms. It results in unplanned outages, massively over-provisioned infrastructure, and poor business agility – all of which can have a significant impact on your bottom line.


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VirtualWisdom’s powerful analytics database and intuitive user interface (UI) deliver application-aware, entity-centric, real-time visualizations of thousands of metrics across the physical, virtual and cloud data center. VirtualWisdom is the industry’s first true real-time hybrid infrastructure monitoring solution that delivers comprehensive visibility into your multi-tiered application infrastructure environment— a platform that understands how the infrastructure is performing for all your critical applications. It knows which application services are running on which infrastructure components, as well as the relative importance of each application and how those applications are stressing the infrastructure.

VirtualWisdom delivers immense value in four key areas

Application Service Assurance

VirtualWisdom analytics and dashboards empower you to proactively assure the performance and health of the infrastructure that runs your mission-critical applications. The platform will ensure your hybrid infrastructure will deliver the services required by each of your applications.

Predictive Capacity Management

VirtualWisdom gives you the ability to forecast capacity consumption for compute, network and storage using predictive analytics. You can eliminate surprises and forecast time-to-zero capacity using both short-term and long-term forecasting to avoid reaching capacity limits.

Workload Infrastructure Balancing

Optimal application performance and utilization is realized by continuous re-balancing of the underlying infrastructure including VMs, network paths and storage load distribution. VirtualWisdom users typically reduce their infrastructure costs by 30-50% after deployment by avoiding unnecessary infrastructure spending.

Problem Resolution and Avoidance

VirtualWisdom is the gold standard for infrastructure troubleshooting and for preventing business-impacting outages and slowdowns. The platform enables you to quickly identify root-cause before application users and your business are affected.

How VI Complements APM deployments

Hybrid Data Centers are increasingly becoming mainstream. The reality is that the scale and complexity associated with this highly virtualized, multi-vendor environment is beyond human comprehension. Application Performance Management (APM) tools provide a view into how the only your very top tier applications are behaving but are blind to the infrastructure below the VM layer, and to the effect of non-monitored apps.

AIOPS updated

What is needed is vendor agnostic, full stack monitoring platform that sees in real time, the entire infrastructure from the host/VMs to the storage that supports the myriad of applications.

Why VI is the Best Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management solution

Application-Centric View of Your Infrastructure

Full Stack, Application-Centric View of Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure, delivering meaningful reports to everyone in the infrastructure and application chain of command

Agentless Monitoring

Highly Granular, Heterogeneous, Agentless, infrastructure monitoring of compute, network and storage (software defined, hyper-converged, SAN and NAS)

Massive Ingest Capability

Massive Ingest Capability of Both Machine and Wire Data, to see events no software-only solution can possibly see

Cross-Silo Analytics

Cross-Silo Correlation and Machine Learning-Based AIOps, with built-in step-by-step troubleshooting

IT Infrastructure Monitoring has moved toward holistic monitoring and away from domain-specific monitoring. I&O leaders are benefiting from a refreshed ability to reduce the number of tools needed to monitor multiple operational areas.