The WorkloadWisdom Block Storage performance validation solution provides coverage for all widely supported Block storage protocols – Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE, and in OpenStack deployments, Cinder.

The solution is designed to assess the maximum capacity and speed of shared Block storage infrastructures, servers and arrays. WorkloadWisdom generates highly stressful and realistic requests to the storage systems. We then measure the performance, scalability, and response times of the systems in handling these requests, and verify the integrity of the stored Blocks’ contents.

Save millions of dollars and avert performance risks

Block Storage Testing Benefits
  • Select the optimal platforms to run specific application workloads
  • Correctly size configurations and tiering to avoid under and over provisioning
  • Verify final storage configurations in pre-production environments
  • Find the optimal balance of SSDs and HDDs
  • Test the effect of updates and upgrades in labs before deploying in production

Block Protocols supported
  • Fibre Channel
  • iSCSI
  • FCoE
  • OpenStack Cinder

SAN Systems Supported
Through years of I/O testing, Virtual Instruments hasn’t uncovered a SAN device or switch that cannot be tested with a WorkloadWisdom appliance, as long as it supports one of the protocols listed above.

Almost all SAN storage vendors avoid SAN problems by using Virtual Instruments internally to help validate block storage performance and scalability in their test, development, and performance engineering labs.




Public utility determining best SAN storage device


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“We never could have reproduced the customer’s workload, at such scale, without the help of WorkloadWisdom.”

– Brian Hudson, Sales Engineer at EMC