August news and events: VirtualWisdom4.3 launches as we ramp up for VMworld

By Raj Patel, Senior Director of Corporate Field Marketing

At Virtual Instruments, we spent the better part of the summer preparing for everything August had to offer. Launching a new version of our flagship infrastructure performance management (IPM) platform and pulling everything together for the season’s biggest conference, VMworld, are the rewards for working so hard to deliver our vision of enterprise IT. It’s our belief that better visibility of complex enterprise IT infrastructures can transform the way we all do business.

The events and IT trends we’re talking about at Virtual Instruments

VirtualWisdom4.3 launches with multi-hypervisor support, greater analytics capability

On Aug. 4, we launched VirtualWisdom4.3, the latest update of our IPM platform that includes multi-hypervisor support, adding support for Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM PowerVM on top of existing capabilities for VMware. We also expanded our Applied Analytics component with the addition of the VM Coordinator analytic to promote better resource utilization and efficiency for VMs. Delivering IPM to more environments and simplifying heterogeneous infrastructures even further helps enterprise IT teams maintain performance and availability in line with the demands of the businesses they support.

VMworld 2015: What we’re up to at the Moscone Center

After a long summer, we’re all excited for the ultimate bookend at VMworld. We’re anticipating some great discussions about performance management. We’ll be available to chat about how VirtualWisdom4.3 fits into your company’s performance monitoring plans, as well as the benefits of understanding the ways every infrastructure component interacts. There’ll be plenty of time for some fun, too; you’ll have to stop by booth #2117 to see what we have in store.

Improving application performance improves customer service

When end users of an application are customers rather than internal employees, it’s critical that IT strives for optimal performance at all times. Extended latency or outages are the kinds of issues that can result in frustrated customers and squandered business. Maintaining a companywide focus on guaranteed availability and meeting performance benchmarks will keep customers satisfied and prevent IT performance problems from hurting the company.

News from the tech industry

Enterprise IT shifting to realize full value of the cloud

The benefits of the cloud haven’t changed much in recent years. However, as IT Business Edge explains, companies are moving closer to realizing the cost optimization and agility aspects of life in the cloud by altering business processes in line with the cloud’s strengths. The “Internet Enterprise” lives in the cloud and understands big data is its greatest business tool. By outsourcing management of this data to the cloud, companies can focus on the insights and analytics that improve business processes rather than managing the information.

IT teams under pressure to deliver more, faster

eWEEK recently cited a report from MuleSoft, which highlighted the demand for faster delivery of IT services. Eighty-six percent of survey respondents said they were under “‘moderate’ to ‘extreme’ pressure to deliver IT services faster.” As such, IT workers have seen priorities shift with integrations of SaaS applications as a chief responsibility. Integrating new Web apps into an infrastructure has major benefits for companies. IT teams need to understand the ways those new applications will impact their companies, though, and keep optimizing performance at the heart of any cloud integration or migration.

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