Bloor Research Webinar Recap: Instrumenting the Virtualized Data Center For Performance SLAs

By Sean O’Donnell, EMEA Managing Director, Virtual Instruments

bloorIn case you haven’t noticed, we here at Virtual Instruments have become quite the webinar veterans. We recently conducted an enlightening session with independent analyst firm Bloor Research, in which we discussed the instrumentation of the virtualized data center to enable performance SLAs. Titled “Overcoming the ‘Not My Problem, Try That Lot Over There’ Issue,” this webinar was a follow-up to a recent Bloor Spotlight report published back in February that featured our VirtualWisdom platform as one of the few technology solutions that offers seamless access to performance metrics across the entire hybrid data center infrastructure.

As enterprises continue to shift towards hybrid and virtualized data centers to meet their customers’ needs, the underlying infrastructure must be able to evolve rapidly for optimal availability and performance and to keep up with the growing demands of new and changing applications. In this session, Paul Bevan, Research Director of IT Infrastructure at Bloor Research, highlighted what’s needed to realize vendor-agnostic performance monitoring in highly virtualized environments. In response, I discussed how Virtual Instruments’ solutions are addressing these challenges. Namely, we provide a full stack, application-centric view of the entire infrastructure, a highly granular and agentless monitoring system, and cross-silo correlation and machine learning-based analytics.

“However fluffy the cloud, somewhere real data is moving off real disk drives, down real wires, to real computers/switches in noisy, air-conditioned, very non-fluffy, concrete buildings and, here, performance matters.” – Excerpt from Instrumenting the Virtualised Datacentre…for Performance SLAs

The focus of the webinar was clear: in order to deliver services reliably in an increasingly virtualized world, companies need seamless access to performance metrics across their entire infrastructure. The reality, however, is that vendors of virtualized infrastructure solutions and in-house technology providers struggle to provide effective performance SLAs. Virtual Instruments breaks this trend by offering VirtualWisdom, a vendor-agonistic, industry-leading application-centric IPM solution.

The webinar was chock-full of additional insights, including how customers are driving transformation and powering cross-domain collaboration, so if you weren’t able to join us live, we encourage you to take the time to watch it on-demand here.

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