CGH Medical Center deploys VirtualWisdom for executive and BOD decision support, and to enhance real-time IT monitoring

By Raj Patel, Senior Director of Corporate and Field Marketing –

We at Virtual Instruments pride ourselves on delivering real-time performance data and answers for highly complex IT infrastructures. There isn’t a single industry that needs these instant solutions more than health care. Enterprise IT requires similarly speedy results, but the consequences for some latency issues in a business aren’t quite as dire as what hospitals may experience.

CGH Medical Center in Sterling, Illinois, recently implemented our VirtualWisdom infrastructure performance management (IPM) platform. This hospital just outside of Chicago has more than 1,400 employees and relies on its IT infrastructure to enable quality of service, clinical workflow and reliable care to its patients.

Four members of CGH Medical’s IT operations team, including Randy Davis, chief information officer (CIO) and vice president of support services, and Kevin Arnold, IT director, spoke with us about the benefits of IPM. According to Arnold, CGH used VirtualWisdom to identify a number of potential issues lurking in their data center within just a few hours of getting our platform up and running. One specific solution turned a 45-minute boot time for VMware servers into a five-minute boot after identifying a problem in the stack. These solutions make CGH Medical’s IT and staff work more smoothly and efficiently — enabling optimal application end-user experiences for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The following are other key aspects of VirtualWisdom that CGH has come to rely on:

  • Definitive answers and insights that enable accurate IT spend forecasting, executive and board of directors decision support for IT investments, and collaborative fact-based dialogues with the organization’s vendor ecosystem
  • Vendor-agnostic solution that delivers unbiased and comprehensive end-to-end visibility across heterogeneous IT infrastructures — helping IT performance teams confidently and accurately identify the root causes of performance problems, and predict and prevent them going forward
  • Responsive customer support from the Virtual Instruments team throughout the sales and installation process that helped CGH Medical deploy VirtualWisdom, quickly come-up to speed on how to leverage the platform for maximum ROI and learn best practices for leveraging IPM benefits

“What more can you ask of a technology firm than it solves your problems and the people in the company stand by their product and continue to develop it,” Davis said. “I can tell after having used this thing, it’s here to stay. No matter what platform we end up with for our SAN, for our virtualized environment down the road, I can say with certainty that the VirtualWisdom platform is going to be here with us.”

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