Do you know the 6 big benefits to Infrastructure Performance Management?

Vikram Ramesh, Sr. Product Marketing Director –

It’s no secret that doing business on a global scale has been costly and complex. That is arguably why most of the winnings of the global economy have gone to the big guys. Now you can join them by leveraging VirtualWisdom4 from Virtual Instruments, the industry’s first Infrastructure Performance Management solution. Virtual Instruments delivers the only real-time Infrastructure Performance Management solution, empowering customers to guarantee performance and availability of mission-critical applications across physical, virtual and cloud.

With VirtualWisdom4 you can:

  1. Guarantee Performance: Provide both comprehensive visibility and definitive insight to ensure the performance and availability of mission critical workloads.
  2. Deliver Insights At-a-Glance: Get an end-to-end view from the VM and ESX host, through the switch and into the LUN on the Storage Array via dynamic topology views. This ensures that resources are available to meet the increased demand at particular times of the day.
  3. Stop Troubleshooting. Start Trouble-killing: Reduce troubleshooting times and get immediate fault detection for common issues like performance bottlenecks and transmission errors. Avoid multi-vendor conflicts and lengthy conference calls to identify root cause.
  4. Measure True System-wide IT Infrastructure: Unlike most server and storage vendor supplied tools that only look at their own devices, VirtualWisdom is vendor-agnostic and looks across all devices: servers, host bus adapters (HBAs), switches, cables, and storage.
  5. Deliver on Performance-based SLA’s: Enable the infrastructure teams to deliver performance-based SLA’s that meet business demands and drive business growth. 
  6. Do more with less. Way more: Visualize your entire system-wide performance and utilization via one easy-to-use interface. This, in turn, allows your company to benefit from higher utilization of existing assets, and appropriately allocate for future consumption.

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