Cisco Webinar Recap: Storage Infrastructure Analytics – Quit Flying Blind!

By Raj Patel, Sr. Director, Corporate and Field Marketing

Recently, we had the pleasure of co-hosting a highly educational webinar with Cisco to discuss why ever-increasing numbers of enterprise IT teams are bucking the blindness trend and crossing the performance chasm by deploying next-gen App-centric storage infrastructure performance management solutions.

As you may recall, back in October 2017 we announced a game-changing partnership with Cisco to dramatically simplify and lower the cost of storage network performance monitoring. This webinar was a great opportunity to bring the VI and Cisco teams together and educate our collective audiences on how we’re empowering customers to collaborate effectively, so they can make deployment and workload placement decisions with confidence.

During the webinar, Paresh Gupta, Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer, and John Gentry, Virtual Instruments’ Chief Technology Officer, explained how together we’re able to offer unmatched monitoring and analytics capabilities at an unprecedented value for customers needing to monitor their SAN infrastructures in real time. Simply put, thanks to Cisco’s large SAN customer base, combined with Virtual Instruments’ acknowledged leadership in the App-centric IPM space, our customers are able to proactively find and resolve infrastructure issues before they have a chance to impact application performance.

This is a decidedly timely subject, as enterprises continue to shift towards next generation data centers to meet their customers’ needs. In order for this to happen, the underlying infrastructure must be able to evolve rapidly to keep up with the growing demands of new and changing applications. We’re pleased to say we received a record number of both webinar registrants and attendees, which just goes to show how important this topic is to our customers and partners across the globe.

The webinar was chock-full of additional insights, including how customers are driving transformation and powering cross-domain collaboration, so if you weren’t able to join us live we encourage you to take the time to watch it on-demand here.

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