Enabling IT organizations for ever-agile business alignment

Vikram Ramesh, Sr. Product Marketing Director –

Mission critical IT application delivery infrastructures are being virtualized and organizations are adopting cloud environments to help improve agility and reduce CAPEX. IT teams are leveraging old technologies that weren’t purpose-built to handle today’s complex and ever-changing infrastructure, preventing them from delivering business-aligned service levels.

These IT teams need a clear and unbiased understanding of the physical infrastructures, the applications dependent on them, and how they are performing. They need a purpose-built Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform that ensures
that applications and infrastructure perform
better together.

According to a recent blog post from Gartner, IT organizations must transform to a “bimodal” one, whose contribution is incorporated early in the strategic planning and budget planning processes.

Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom delivers a comprehensive IPM platform that provides comprehensive visibility and definitive insight into the performance, health and availability of the IT infrastructure. It delivers a continuous real-time understanding of application data behavior at the protocol level throughout physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Whereas other management tools focus on utilization and health at the device layer, the VirtualWisdom IPM Platform looks at the entire compute environment from a systems level—focusing on correlation and interdependencies of performance, utilization and health overall.

The benefits for IT organizations are multi-fold, as they are now enabled to:

  • Right size and align infrastructure capacity and resource quality
  • Drive greater utilization against existing assets and resources
  • Accurately measure I/O traffic, correlate system-wide data and monitor trends
  • Improve infrastructure response times
  • Proactively, accurately and quickly identify and remediate problems.
  • Deliver the right level of performance at the appropriate cost
  • Establish SLAs aligned with business requirements
  • Effectively partner with and contribute to the success of the business

With VirtualWisdom4, traditional IT organizations can transform to a ‘Bimodal IT Organization’ where “enterprise-strength IT” supports an evolutionary business environment and an “opportunistic IT” supports an agile business environment.