When enterprise IT reaches its tipping point

By Lee Jiles, Strategic Alliances –

IT workers have developed a reputation as problem solvers for a reason. The nature of IT demands that they constantly think quickly and use every piece of information available to solve even the most minor issue. It’s impressive what an IT team can figure out with enough time. Is that the best way for enterprise IT to proceed, though? When there is a lingering problem in a converged infrastructure, for example, there is a side effect for end users that most companies just can’t afford, and the time it can take to reach a resolution will drain on resources and productivity. Even with IT’s ability to solve problems, the tipping point, where problems overwhelm systems and resources, and lead to degraded performance and downtime, may come soon. It’s crucial for companies to equip their IT workers with the platforms they need to identify issues before they arise.

Part of the reason IT teams can make adjustments quickly is their understanding of the numerous technologies that make up the infrastructures they manage. They can’t, however, visualize the workflow of each application and each component’s influence across the entire system. Similarly, the way different workloads interact can cause problems for assorted infrastructure components that workers can’t identify without a holistic view of the system. Given this reality, performance monitoring in IT can’t be about eventually finding solutions. Businesses need IT to support and enable operations, and the strategies enterprises use to monitor infrastructure activity and output simply have to be designed to identify and solve problems immediately, and ensure optimal performance at all times.

Infrastructure performance management (IPM) represents this transformed paradigm. When IT is overwhelmed by a performance issue, or simply doesn’t have the necessary resources to address it, it’s difficult to do business. When IT teams must drive higher performance and greater efficiencies against their existing deployments, how can they do it? Solutions that instantly process performance data and turn it into actionable insights equip IT (and all teams that care about performance) with the collaborative dialogue and answers required for true transformation.

The nature of IT’s growth makes it increasingly challenging for IT to solve every problem in a timely manner. Companies pile on new applications constantly as different needs arise. These solutions often make business processes faster, so it’s critical that they function. The tipping point, however, approaches faster every time a new workload gets worked into the stack. Waiting for that moment is a dangerous proposition, and it’s inevitable that a snag will arise that takes massive amounts of resources to resolve if performance teams don’t have the platform to manage infrastructure performance proactively.

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