Gaining predictability, insights from IPM supports IT businesses

By Nicholas Dimotakis, Regional Services Director –

There are a lot of parallels between the conditions needed for a successful business and those needed for a smooth-operating IT environment. In many ways, the IT department represents a microcosm of the larger business environment. In 2015, businesses – and IT teams – will rely on two important elements to drive their success:


While some people may love surprises in their personal lives – for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or just out of the blue – surprises are not ideal for businesses. In order to be stable, a business needs to accurately predict and forecast what the coming year will look like in terms of growth rate, consistency of growth and how it creates value in the marketplace. This stability then provides businesses with the confidence to hire, invest, innovate and grow. As evidenced in the latest economic recession, without a predictable environment, businesses tend to conserve their resources and power through unstable times, waiting for a safe environment to risk growth behaviors.

In that same vein, IT departments thrive on predictability. Because IT is the engine that powers a business, without a stable IT infrastructure, IT teams can’t support their businesses, and they can’t execute against a growth plan. When a business is able to predict the availability and performance of its IT infrastructure, its IT teams know what issues might be pending in the future and can stave off major problems before they occur, providing stability and peace of mind throughout the organization.

Insights (not just data)

Big data is the buzz phrase du jour, and businesses are gathering more data than ever before. But what really matters to the success of a business is what it does with the data once it is accumulated. Companies need skilled data scientists to provide them with analysis of the information they are receiving in order to translate the numbers to insights, and ultimately, action. Data without context is about as useful as no data at all.

This idea translates to the IT department, as well. IT monitoring tools as a whole tend to provide IT teams with endless data, information that is typically delivered in the form of alarm storms. But how many IT teams have both the time and the expertise to really analyze that data thoroughly, understand what the numbers reveal, and implement a plan to improve system performance? A supportive IPM platform doesn’t just spew out numbers. Monitoring platforms should provide full analytics to the user, as well, building on the learnings of other companies and IT teams for stronger, more actionable insights.

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