How can your IT teams stop wasting time with performance problems and start innovating?

By Vikram Ramesh, Sr. Director of Product and Digital Marketing

No one benefits when IT teams struggle to solve problems, particularly when those issues are slowing down the entire business. And, even if they solve a problem in a few hours, it may well happen again. Some of the most common results of persistent IT performance problems are frustrated customers and stalled revenue. However, when IT teams are forced to spend the bulk of their time confronting the same challenges, they’re not working on other critical projects to support the enterprise’s growth.

Bimodal IT demands better platforms, processes for support

By shifting the paradigm of troubleshooting and problem-solving to focus on proactive performance management, IT teams stay ahead of infrastructure challenges and are free to work on other projects to help the business. This plays into the concept of bimodal IT, which divides the work of the modern IT department into two parts: support and security, and innovation and improvement of business processes. Bimodal IT is the operating standard for enterprise IT moving forward. The role of IT is different, so the way companies treat service and support needs to evolve, as well. Waiting until issues delay business operations to address them is inefficient and stalls the work put into business process innovation.

Proactive IT performance management means more time for innovation

The changing face of IT has resulted in increasingly lean and project-focused teams. IT isn’t just about helping employees use their computers or troubleshoot a poor connection. There are software development responsibilities, system migrations to plan and other business processes to manage. The answers to these problems aren’t expensive infrastructure upgrades or hours spent digging through activity logs to identify the root cause of an IT outage. IT needs to be lean and finish projects on time – and on budget – to help any organization move forward. It’s impossible to accomplish that when performance problems delay innovation. IT departments need modern platforms and solutions to manage infrastructure in line with modern business demands.

Enterprise IT is more multifaceted than ever before. Just the same, companies rely on their IT infrastructures and teams as much as they ever have. Rather than getting bogged down in the complex answers to equally complex problems, they need the capability to quickly identify the solutions and get back to work.

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