June news and events: Virtual Instruments stays on conference trail; enterprise IT developments

By Raj Patel, Senior Director of Corporate Field Marketing –

At Virtual Instruments, we want to serve enterprises across industries. To that end, in June, we spent much of our time on the conference circuit, discussing the ways infrastructure performance management (IPM) has helped organizations of all kinds solve their most perplexing IT problems. There’s nothing better than real-world examples, though, and VirtualWisdom4’s contributions to the IT operations at CGH Medical Center in Sterling, Ill., were also a major focus this month. It wasn’t all about us though. Outside of Virtual Instruments, there were some interesting developments related to government IT, enterprise cloud and growing IT concerns that caught our eye.

What’s happening at Virtual Instruments:

Virtual Instruments shows HP Partners why they need answers, not data

At HP Discover in Las Vegas, we talked with HP partners and customers about using IPM to ensure their critical workloads function optimally. On the final day of the event, Jason Cowie, our Director of strategic alliances led a breakout session about optimizing the performance of critical workloads. His well-attended talk demonstrated the ways IPM helps companies keep their most important applications operating properly. There were also live demos of VirtualWisdom and dozens of great conversations about delivering the best performance to end users.

CGH Medical Center keeps critical healthcare IT performing with IPM

Virtual Instruments recently began working with CGH Medical Center, just outside of Chicago, and the hospital quickly realized the benefits of IPM. From a technology standpoint, healthcare IT is just like IT in any other company. The consequences for slow performance, though, can be much greater. With IPM, CGH successfully identified the causes of a number of critical IT performance issues within just a few hours of implementation. The relationship has helped CGH’s IT team monitor the organization’s complex infrastructure in real time. Also, its board of directors can make better decisions related to IT and spend more time on their primary charge of patient care.

Gartner conference attendees see how IPM promotes cost optimization, risk mitigation

Part of IPM’s value is navigating migrations and the integration of new infrastructure components and applications without risk or wasted spending. At Gartner’s IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit, we demonstrated the ways proactive performance monitoring prevents wasted time and money, as well as potential problems, during cloud migrations and other IT processes. John Gentry, our VP of marketing and alliances spoke to attendees about guaranteeing IT availability and systemwide performance.

News from the tech industry:

Gartner’s top tech trends for government IT in 2015

Information Age analyzed the ways in which overall public sector spending on IT has continued its decline this year, while pointing out the trends on which different government organizations have focused. The areas in which government departments have innovated and added capabilities demonstrate a focus on empowering workers with a high capacity for technology and engaging citizens on a number of channels. Government IT is now trying to catch up to the enterprise. Delivering different services to citizens digitally is a key focus area, placing even more emphasis on performance.

Selling your company on the cloud

Even in 2015, there are some resisting moves to the cloud. David Linthicum detailed some of the ways IT departments can sell the rest of their companies on life in the cloud. Chief among these are improved cloud security, diminishing vendor lock-in and rapidly improving performance. Leveraging the agility offered by the cloud in 2015 is critical for companies to keep pace with the rapidly evolving IT landscape, and pointing out the additional improvements in these three areas is crucial to gaining buy-in.

The things that worry tech executives

Fortune put together a list of problems that stress IT executives the most, with vendor lock-in, big data and security all making the cut. Even as improvements are made in these areas, there are always going to be some snags related to them for IT teams. Identifying areas where infrastructure performance could alleviate some of these problems could make life much easier for IT departments.

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