March news and events: Virtual Instruments announcements and industry cloud news

By Raj Patel, Senior Director, Corporate and Field Marketing –

March brought new milestones for Virtual Instruments, as well as some interesting perspectives on cloud storage from the tech world. In case you missed the news, we’ve rounded up our latest announcements, along with interesting industry tidbits, for your reading pleasure.

What’s happening at Virtual Instruments:

Virtual Instruments achieves Microsoft gold application development competency

This month, we announced achievement of Microsoft gold competency in application development. This attainment places us in the top one percent of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. What this accomplishment really means is that Virtual Instruments is equipped to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of Microsoft’s customers.

John Thompson discusses being a veteran in a ‘youth-obsessed’ Silicon Valley

John Thompson, our CEO, is in the midst of a successful career that’s spanned more than 40 years. He has no plans of slowing down anytime soon – even at the age of 65. John told Business Insider about his plans for continued engagement, and he talked about the future of Virtual Instruments as we continue to grow.

News from the tech industry:

5 differences to expect from next-generation data centers

Gartner recently forecast that cloud computing will account for most IT spending moving forward. The shift, and greater investment, means data centers and their management will be the subject of innovation and refined best practices. Data Center Knowledge looked at five potential adjustments coming in the next wave of data centers. These advances contribute to an already complex data center, making performance monitoring a critical component of data center efficiency.

Making use of backup and archived data

Storing archived and backup data in the cloud means it’s readily available to businesses as needed. According to Eric Slack with Storage Switzerland, these types of data have often “represented the most comprehensive data set in many organizations.” While its primary purpose is to be there in the event of a disaster, there’s no reason not to leverage it to improve assorted big data projects throughout a company. We’re continuing to see big data trends emerge, and it will be interesting how many IT infrastructures can handle the increased influx of data and continue to perform optimally.

Companies transitioning to cloud seeing ‘surprise’ benefits

Anyone in the IT industry can name the overarching business and IT benefits frequently associated with cloud computing, including elasticity, economics and more. That said, Tata Communications recently found 83 percent of executives realized a few positives of a cloud shift that they did not anticipate. The availability of data stored in the cloud has enabled businesses to adopt new processes and gain efficiency, leading to better performance and utilization.

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