New 32Gb FC and 40GbE workload generation appliances to shorten storage vendors’ time to market for their next generation products

By Tim Van Ash, Senior Vice President of Product

Virtual Instruments is committed to helping storage vendors and enterprises make the most of their data center and storage investments, and that means constantly upgrading up our solutions. Today, we’re announcing the addition of 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 32 Gigabit Fibre Channel capabilities to our Load DynamiX Workload Generation Appliances. These new products represent the highest performance and most scalable storage performance testing and analytics solution on the market.

The overall goal of these major updates is to bring even higher performance and superior workload realism, combined with complete infrastructure visibility to network vendors and IT professionals, ultimately helping them ensure workload performance at full production scale. Our new enhancements include:

For vendors: An accelerated time to market for higher-performance systems

For storage and networking vendors, delivering a product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible is vital. The leading vendors will soon be introducing products that support these next generation interfaces. By offering our new storage performance analytics solutions, vendors can test their products at extreme scale and ensure they find any bugs or scalability issues well in advance of their customers finding them. The combination of our workload emulation realism, ease of use, and extreme load-generating capabilities is what sets Virtual Instruments apart from all other solutions.

For IT organizations: The ability to confidently evolve their infrastructures

One of the biggest problems we solve for customers is giving them the ability to confidently update and transform their storage infrastructure. Leading-edge customers want to rapidly adopt new server and storage technologies based on higher-performance interfaces, yet be assured they will perform reliably at production scale and in worst case scenarios. Only Virtual Instruments and its Load DynamiX Enterprise products can ensure customers performance and availability as they transition to new technologies. Our advancements allow huge amounts of workloads to be tested and analyzed, so our customers can put their performance worries at ease.

Storage within enterprise data centers is constantly evolving, and our customers have been experiencing a demand for extreme scalability and realism, while also maintaining ease of use. With these upgrades, we’re able to address those demands and offer the next-generation testing and analysis solutions required to help storage engineering and IT professionals keep evolving their products and infrastructures to support their growing businesses.

Visit the Load DynamiX Enterprise data sheet to learn more about the enhanced solution.