How to optimize your IT infrastructure for hybrid cloud deployments

By Vikram Ramesh, Senior Director of Product and Digital Marketing –

We should all be congratulating the cloud on graduating from buzzword status, with Gartner predicting almost half of large enterprises will have incorporated hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017. There are varying motivations, ranging from cost savings to increased agility, but no matter the driving factors, enterprises are looking to deploy hybrid IT.

With this shift, companies incorporating cloud projects are finding even greater reliance on Infrastructure performance management (IPM) to help guarantee uptime. Whether the cloud workloads handle tasks for end users directly or employees who serve customers, there’s no room for inferior performance management as it integrates with existing infrastructure that’s on premise.

As the cloud becomes more pervasive, integrating proactive performance monitoring tools will become more than just a nice addition to an IT ecosystem. IT teams and CIOs need to get serious about their ability to guarantee availability to those interacting with the solutions, whether they’re employees or customers. For most organizations, downtime means a financial hit, but for verticals directly serving the public interest, such as healthcare and government, downtime and outages come with even greater consequences beyond dissatisfied customers and monetary losses. As these critical industries are beginning to see a greater shift into the cloud as well, they are under increasing pressure to deliver at the same high standard.

Companies will always be concerned, chiefly, with IT availability and security, particularly surrounding mission-critical applications. Solutions that make each of these a primary focus are likely to bring real value to different organizations. IPM enables cloud adopters to avoid prolonged outages by addressing every issue in real time. Even problems that seem minor can be identified and quickly resolved. Frequently, these small delays become larger issues that prevent employees from doing work or customers from accessing the information they need. As more companies rely on the cloud for crucial tasks, taking a proactive approach to performance monitoring will minimize these common concerns and ensure the benefits of cloud platforms can be enjoyed across the board.

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