Partnering to provide holistic performance management in infrastructure solution

Jason Cowie, Strategic Alliances Director –

The tech world has been humming this week, and Virtual Instruments has been smack in the middle of all the buzz. We are announcing today our latest partnership with EMC and Panduit, a collaboration that eliminates the need to virtualize IO-intensive workloads to gain end-to-end insight into your system. The solution provides EMC customers and partners, especially those with the most demanding application IO requirements, with comprehensive visibility into their infrastructures across both virtualized and cloud environments. This partnership blends the versatile EMC VSPEX with XtremIO, a fast and flexible deployment solution across any network, server or hypervisor; Panduit’s high performance traffic access points (TAPs) and QuickNet™ Tapped Fiber Cassettes; and Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom platform, our solution that offers depth and breadth of visibility; for a proven infrastructure solution that provides real-time insights with maximum compute power.

Customers will find a lot to love in this new infrastructure solution, including:

  • The ability to characterize workloads before moving them to a converged storage platform, which can then optimize flash drive deployments;
  • The granular visibility that Virtual Instruments provides as a standard practice, leveraged through EMC’s best-in-class technology and Panduit’s industry-leading physical infrastructure;
  • The ability to predict and allocate resource utilization of shared infrastructure components; and
  • Access to continuous, real-time monitoring through calculated statistics that see and filter every SAN transaction, but without adding any latency or risk to the system.

The latest offering has caught the attention of partners as well as customers. The first partner that will be offering the VSPEX with XtremIO embedded performance management solution is World Wide Technology (WWT). With a simplified sales process that consists of fast-tracked proposals, WWT is enthusiastic about the opportunities this solution brings to its clients. Further, because VSPEX with XtremIO eliminates systemwide performance and availability issues, the resulting customer satisfaction provides new opportunities for partners to become more engaged in strategic and consultative roles with their clients.

So what does this latest innovation mean for the tech world? Instead of spending time virtualizing workloads, the tools customers need to guarantee performance and availability are built directly into the platform, providing a simple, flexible, yet robust reference architecture that enables performance monitoring and insight at every layer of the system, from storage to virtualization, without compromising compute — even when transaction-level performance is required.