Taking IT to the Healthcare Limit Part 2

By Scott Cleland, Director, Product Marketing

As I mentioned last time… I spent time with a great customer in the University healthcare and hospital field and was floored with the complexity, pain, and struggles with balancing application delivery, performance and availability for 2 entirely different constituents.

I promised more on this customer.  UTHealth has fully operationalized VirtualWisdom into their daily IT operations war rooms to ensure they get the most out of their critical systems investments.  Tightly correlated I/O traffic across a complex active-active metro stretch data center has proven an ample landscape to prove the merits of VirtualWisdom.

UTHealth continues to expand their VirtualWisdom footprint to gain valuable insights into the complex environments they support.  Full infrastructure optimization, availability and precision performance ensure world-class patient care as well as serving their academic constituents across a vast array of university offerings.

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